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Hanukkah Recovery Insights–8 Nights Of Light & Healing

Hanukkah is the beloved festival of light. We celebrate by lighting candles or olive oil lamps, and through prayer, song, playing special games and eating delicious foods.

The Hanukkah story, and especially the menorah lights, are particularly relevant to those in recovery from mental illness or addiction. Hanukkah in essence, can be described as the triumph of spiritual light and lasting truth over darkness, emptiness, and falsehood.

8 Nights of Recovery Insights by the Light of the Menorah

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Media Triggers

C.R. writes: Yes, it once again feels to me like a very good time for a news fast. As fascinating as the post-election transition might be, I personally believe that the ever-provocative, ratings-driven idealogues in the media aren't particularly worth watching, reading and listening to—especially if their yapping is causing you stress, or leading to feelings of anxiety or depression.
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