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The Incredible Brain-Gut Link & Your Diet

By now, we all know that our digestive tracts are packed with beneficial and not-so-beneficial bacteria that form part of our inner habitat.

What you may not know is that these bacteria act on and influence a range of seemingly strictly-mental functions.

The latest: A new study, reported here on PsychCentral, shows that the bacteria in our guts actually influence which foods we choose to eat. These bacteria outnumber our own cells as much as...
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More Gluten-Free Challenge

Adding Gluten Back In
Adding the gluten back into your diet to test your response is as easy as following the directions nutritionist and author Trudy Scott shared here on Therapy Soup, right before Thanksgiving.

Here's the redux:

Now that you've been gluten-free for a couple of weeks, you may have seen improvements in your anxiety and mood.

You may have noticed that your skin, your digestion or other physical symptoms have improved or been eliminated.

Keep an eye on any painful symptoms.

Have they gone away? If none of the above have changed, there could be other dietary links to symptoms (and non-dietary links as well). For those of you who've entered the book drawing (and if you haven't, what are you waiting for!?), you can learn more about the food and mood link in Trudy's terrific book, The Antianxiety Food Solution.

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I Want My Turkey And Stuffing

If you've been on the 2 week Gluten-Free Challenge, you probably have at least 4 or 5 more days to go. Day 15 is G-Day, the day where you reintroduce gluten into your diet and watch your response.

But we got an email from a reader who says she doesn't want to miss the traditional turkey and stuffing during Thanksgiving. And she doesn't want to "experiment" with gluten-free stuffing.

So, we asked nutritionist Trudy Scott whether or not it's okay to add back in the gluten a bit early. Here's her response (also see her video, above):
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Your Gluten-Free Food And Mood Log

Be sure to check out this multi-purpose log Trudy Scott's created: Trudy Scott's Food Log for Therapy Soup Gluten-Free Challenge  Print it out (it's a PDF) and use it to keep track of what you eat, your energy levels, what you're craving, how much you're sleeping, and most important: your mood. If you've already started your two weeks of gluten-free eating, that's okay. Just try to "fill in the blanks" to the best of your...
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