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Is Arrogance A Mental Illness?

C.R. writes:

Some stories of arrogant people and their victims.

1. Blatant

The other day, someone I know well, who I'll call Michelle, told me a story. Michelle is afraid that if her boss, who's probably never heard of the Therapy Soup blog (and maybe not even sees this, she'll lose her job.

She's not being paranoid. Staff members at her level have been set up and fired for far less.
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The Blame Game: Dealing With A Help-Rejecting Complainer

Do you have a chronic complainer in your life?

Is trying to deal with these expert button-pushers leaving you with feelings of hopelessness, frustration, even anger?

In her excellent post called What Is A Victim Role, Psychcentral blogger Dr. Linda Hatch identifies three behaviors and feelings that those who see themselves as victims* might bring to a relationship.

These are: Defensive Self-Righteousness, Emotional Reactivity, and Retreating Into Addiction.

These behaviors are extremely frustrating for people on the receiving end.

We'd like to add another role those who feel victimized often engage in, the role of Help-Rejecting Complainer.
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Top 10 Things You Can Learn About Love From A Dog

Banana Joe, an adorable Affenpinscher, won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show last night. The media raved.

We don't doubt that underneath his champion exterior lies a loving heart.

We can learn a lot about how to live by watching animals.

For example, ants teach us industry. Cats teach us cleanliness. And dogs, even champion Affenpinschers, can teach us some of the basics of loyalty and love.
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The Dark Spot Of Evil In The Brain

What is evil?

Most of us can easily list actions and behaviors, speech, and even thoughts that might be considered evil, though, in Western culture anyway, evil is generally viewed as a concept and an intangible, rather than having an independent identity.

Many of us probably don't believe that evil can be identified biologically and would find fantastic the notion that evil manifests biologically or leaves a physical marker or indicator.

But now a German neurologist, has identified a very specific brain configuration which he says is "where evil lurks." 
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