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Jewish Guilt Debunked

We're right in the middle of the Jewish High Holy Days; we have engaged in a ten-day period of focused self-reflection, meditation and prayer.  Aided by the power of fasting, we ask for forgiveness—and even feel confident that we are capable of being forgiven.

After this ten day period and a few days rest, we celebrate an eight-day long holiday of feasts and celebrations.

Sure, we're not perfect, but we can and must begin again.

We think there may be no better time to shatter the myth of "Jewish guilt" and exploring the concept of forgiveness. Here's a smattering of what our tradition really teaches about guilt and forgiveness.
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Are God, Nutrition, Necessary For Good Mental Health?

Illustration by Billy Alexander

There is no magic bullet. Improving mental health and developing a positive outlook on life, whether or not you have a serious mental illness or not, takes time and may require a variety of approaches.

A pill, whether it is a pharmaceutical, a vitamin or herb, is usually not an instant "cure". Neither is therapy.

We believe that emotional well-being is at least in part, a high-powered habit. By consistently,...
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Is Your Therapy Holistic?

If a therapist isn't ready to help a client explore aspects of themselves beyond the emotional, than the therapy they do isn't holistic.

Does it matter?


A holistic therapist, like most of her psychotherapy peers, is  predominantly focused on a person's mental health. But, when appropriate, she is also open to helping her clients explore other aspects of themselves.

Many psychotherapists actually do have a holistic outlook, they just don't call it holistic.

If your therapist helps you understand and address various aspects of mind, body, and soul, then you've got yourself a therapist who understands that there's more to you than your mental health. And that's a good thing.
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