What Are the Facts About Boosting Testosterone?

Testosterone is probably the most critical male hormone in the body. Testosterone creates the alpha male and is vital for men who want to boost their strength, reduce body fat, and build muscle.

Testosterone separates the real men from the boys and is responsible for a strong libido, deep voice, and masculinity.

Men who have abused alcohol and drugs have reduced testosterone because of their consumption...
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Micropigmentation: New Hair Replacement Idea for Men

What started as a desire for lovely red lips and perfectly shaped eyebrows has now appeared on the horizon as a close cousin to hair replacement.

Permanent makeup, used for decades by women, holds out the promise of being able to stay busy all day, go to the gym after work, dance all evening and still wake up in the morning with makeup in place.

Now, the idea has expanded. Many men are finding the idea to be a life-changing choice that is unchanging. While...
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Prostate Screening Pros and Cons (Video)

A prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, test measures the level of proteins made by cells in the prostate. Physicians use the test to detect prostate cancer. Introduced in the 1980s, the PSA has been viewed as a way to detect prostate cancer in the earliest, most curable stage.

Four Facts About Screening

Screening doesn't lower the risk of having prostate cancer
Testing can detect early-stage cancer
A "normal" level of...
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