Military Drone Operators and PTSD: Left in the Lurch

Drone warfare is man's latest monument to insidious ways to kill our fellow man. The casualties aren't limited to the battlefield. Situated tens of thousands of miles away, the drone "pilots" are also victims. Many have been diagnosed with substance abuse issues and PTSD. Seeking help may put them behind bars; what if they see a therapist who doesn't have the approved clearance?

Since the government won't release data about the numbers of drone operators who have been diagnosed with PTSD, there are no...
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Addiction Treatment May Include Massages

Massage is among the world's oldest traditions in healing. Practiced by Greeks, Egyptians and the Chinese, the reasons massage is so good wasn't discovered until the 1990s.

Study by the Touch Research Institute has discovered that massage may have enduring advantages for the body.

It is also helpful for therapy in substance abuse.

Theory of Addiction

A favorite addiction theory implies that individuals grow addicted because they associate alcohol and drugs with positive sensations. Researchers have also found distinct elements...
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Denial Is Not a River in Egypt: Rationalizations Alcoholics Use

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

That's a paraphrase of the theme song for the smash-hit television show Cheers. One of the regular barflies was a psychotherapist named Crane.

Played by Kelsey Grammer, Dr. Crane would occupy his favorite barstool each episode and share — what he thought — words of wisdom and was often amazed that none of the other characters would listen.

Sometimes life follows art. Grammer developed a drug and alcohol addiction. Life got so rough on him,...
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Myths about Dissociative Identity Disorder

"I don't want this to be an adventure movie. This is a horrible reality in our lives," said Kathy Preston.

Preston was speaking about an upcoming movie, The Crowded Room. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, the story is about the curious case of Billy Milligan.

Preston's brother, Billy Milligan, spent a decade receiving questionable treatment in Ohio asylums, often by doctors who didn't believe the diagnosis.

In 1988, doctors believed that Milligan's personalities had integrated, and it would be safe for...
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