Recently, a reader posted this comment: “Is there, or will there, ever be anything for single men? Why is there so much about single women but hardly anything for single men?”

I agree. In the popular media, in blogs, and even in academic research, discussions of single life are overwhelmingly written about or by single women. In my blog writing, I first expressed my exasperation in the post,

But what about single men?

In Singled Out, I included separate chapters on single men and single women. Much of what I wrote in the other chapters is relevant to both single men and single women, as is much of what I write on my blogs.

Some of my posts have been specifically (though not always exclusively) about single men. Here are a few examples:

 Four single men: All hetero, approaching 40, living together for 18 years

Single fathers: Defying caricatures, connecting with kids

Let’s hear it for the guys

Men, women, single, married: Who really exercises more?

Single forever: Stories and insights from gay men

Sashaying solo into the White House state dinner

I never knew his name

Single Men Have Good Hearts

I have hosted some guest posts written by single men. Here are a few of them:

 Embracing single life: Guest post by Elliott Lewis

Life after a decade of marriage: A single man tells his story (Guest post by Karl Wiebe)

Single in the Navy, Part 1: Guest post by Roger Morris

Single in the Navy, Part 1: Guest post by Roger Morris

I like to mock the silly or cruel singlist things that people say about single men. I am always amused when the media is shocked to find that their stereotypes about single men are untrue.

Serial killer is married and Nightline is shocked!

Single man with cats is in the news: Cue the innuendo!

“So Why Have You Never Been Married?”: A Case Study in Accidental Singlism

The cruelest singlist statement, from an otherwise socially conscious filmmaker

Break my heart, former Team 6 Seal

Too often, when I am writing about single men, it is because some inaccurate claim has made its way into the media and I want to correct the record. For example:

Actual newspaper headline: ‘Married men better men’

Naughty or nice? Single men and married men

NY Times asks about naughty and nice single and married men

Want to critique this claim published in the Atlantic magazine?

Does marriage civilize men?

Do married men really get promoted fastest?

Do men become more generous after marrying?

Those Pitied, Mocked, Envied Years Between the Late Teens and Late Twenties: What Are They Really About? [see the section on Guyland]

The leap from a little bit married to the whole thing: Do men and women differ?

The escalating war against single men: What’s it about?

I will continue to try to keep single men in the conversation about single life. As always, if you see something relevant that I should be critiquing or discussing, let me know. I always appreciate your tips.



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