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The Move Towards VirtualSx

Think of the following in terms of the “Triple A Engine”: Access, Affordability, Anonymity… Sex addiction access from the beginning of time – Pre-history to 1900 consisted of cave art, affairs and infidelity, prostitution and harems to compulsive masturbation to fantasy. Now add in porn shops, strip clubs, magazines and photos, and porn movie theaters which evolved dramatically from the 1900's to the 60’s. Following were the late 70’s to 1990, where new technology was invented such as video (VCR and BETA) - AND, it's when phone sex became mainstream. Then in 1990 to 2004, we began to see Bulletin Board Systems, websites, online porn, chat rooms, and online hook-ups. From 2004 to the present, much has evolved at a steady pace – sexting, smart phones with GPS locators, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), 3-D imagery, and VirtualWorld sex. Clearly escalation in sex addiction is being fueled by exponential technology growth  – which is only just beginning in the move towards virtual sex...
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Hypersexual Disorders

Gay Men and Sex Addiction

Sex, love and porn addiction aren't just gay issues; rather, they are predominately male issues. These diagnoses are as widespread and problematic among straight men and bi-sexuals as they are among gays. Heterosexual male sex addicts act out in many of the same ways gay men do; they just act out in different settings and choose female rather than male partners. Gay men go to sex clubs, straight men go to strip clubs; gay men use Grindr, straight men use Ashley Madison. In fact, the similarities between gay and straight sex addicts are much more apparent than their differences.
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QR Codes. The Next Step in Sex-tech?

With a porn industry beleaguered by decreasing website viewership, declining sales and membership, QR codes may be the next step for the high-tech, for-profit sex biz. Over the past few years pornographers have been stuck on the side-lines watching their formerly high profit margins dip substantially related to waves of bad press - “unsafe sex in the porn industry," the rise of social media related sexual hook-ups, not to mention free sex (friend finder) GPS locator apps on smart phones. If that weren’t bad enough for the poor porn folks and their investors, there appears to be a rise in the numbers of plain folks seeking online “fame” and “fortune” by putting it all out there for everyone to see for free … or for a small fee. And much as reality shows have taken over television, increasingly people seem to prefer watching “non-professionals” having sex to the alternative. In other words, as a the result of newer technologies, endless free porn, increasingly laisse-faire sexual attitudes among the under-30 set and instantaneous GPS located access to sexual partners, the declining porn pay-for porn and sex biz is itching to find something ‘new’ to capture desperately needed consumer dollars. Enter a pattern we’ve seen time and again. Swiftly following the arrival of some widely accepted new technology the sex industry jumps right in seeking increased attention and profit. The same thing is just beginning to happen with the latest bit of consciousness-permeating technology - QR codes. And with new sites like already live it’s a pretty good bet there’s a lot more on the way.
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