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Porn as Good Therapy

By Linda Hatch, PhD

What are the underlying reasons men need porn?

While looking through a classic collection of articles by men called Men Confront Pornography (1990, Kimmel, M. S. Ed.) which I thought might help my sex addict clients, I came across some interesting theories as to why porn is so compelling for so many men.

These are not excuses, they are attempts to explain and understand the “pain killing nature” of porn.

What is a man medicating when he chooses two dimensional images of women who are always exactly the way he wants them to be?

I will look at two of these theories and then add my own thoughts.

Men feel violated by women and seek revenge

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Porn as Good Therapy

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  1. Ok. So, you have these theories about what is pathological about viewing porn. Is there anything healthy about it? What does a healthy psyche having sex with a consenting female look like? These definitions, of which I am sure there is more than one, would be necessary for comparison and/or contrast. They would make this article much more interesting and useful as well. In it’s current form it is of little value without reference to research.

  2. Long term I only see negative consequences and it isn’t easy to stop looking at porn once you’re hooked as some may think.

  3. I have struggled with this issue myself, and I have another category for your discussion, that I think is a very valid point that needs to be addressed; “Performance Anxiety” most men would agree, that if they ever saw that woman in porn on the street, they would automatically believe, she is out of my league, and I could never have a woman like that, but in porn, you can have her,even if only in your mind, and another point for married men, we don’t want to be unfaithful to our wives, but too many times sex in marriage comes with strains or issues or low satisfaction, in porn, the women are always willing, always pleasing, and appear to have no hang-ups at all, therein lies the depth of the deception, and again, it’s part of an anxiety.

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