#194: Boys and Men and Sexuality: Part One

Once again I am proposing that male and female differences in anatomy predetermine how men and women experience sexuality. Men’s anatomy is external, visible and penetrating while women’s is internal, invisible and receptive. Sexuality for boys and men can be as the poet says, “A thing apart.” (Lord Byron’s Don Juan, Canto 1; Stanza 194.) Men can, on occasion, “think” with their sexual organ so that it has a life of...
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Children and Teenagers

#191: Girls and Women and Sexuality-Part Two

astrid westvang via Compfight
Males and females have different experiences about their sexuality from the beginning of life—differences that are based in their dissimilar anatomy. These distinctions in no way mean that they should be treated unequally but it does mean that they will have divergent experiences.

Even as we blur the gender boundaries in this day and age there are still differences between the sexes because male and female...
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