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Three Laws of Change – How to Influence Your Subconscious to Manage the Energies of Your Heart

As a mind game of sorts, defensiveness is deceptively destructive. It throws off the energy of the body — and when your heart is off balance, so are you. In survival mode, fear rules the body, and the brain shifts from learning mode to protective mode, thus, no longer open to influence or change.

An angry outburst, denial, blaming, lying, excuses, withdrawal, and the like, can provide rushes of power in the moment — cheap thrills, if you will. Yet these are costly when you consider their effects on your personal health and relationships.

Take heart. Change is possible. It has everything to do with applying certain Laws of Change to manage the energies of your heart.

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Three Laws of Change – How to Influence Your Subconscious to Manage the Energies of Your Heart

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  1. hi , im really interested in subconscious and ways to enter it
    is it that simple , just by changing ur thoughts and u will change ? then why is it called ( painfull ) ??!
    can you help me out here ?
    i live in dubai are there any pschycologists i can find ??
    any books that are simple and lucid about how to enter the subconscious and change it ???

  2. I found this article while searching for resources to improve my quality of life. I realized that after losing my sister, mother and then going through a tough breakup that I now have a subconscious fear of intimacy. While longing for it at the same time. Whenever I’m talking to a woman and we start connecting I

  3. This is one of the great article I have ever read. This article is an excellent mix of science and spirituality and of great value of everybody. I wish all doctors are like you working at core of the problem rather than on symptoms. Thank you so much. God bless and lots of love.

    • Thanks for the supportive words and feedback, Shiv Pal. I appreciate your stopping by to leave a comment.

  4. Usually I dont comment on the blogs but this is real nice article I have came across.
    Now the implementation part.. How to practice it?
    Any methods to create great thoughts and feelings.. for adults and as well as for children.
    Let us know.

    Thanks for providing great insight.


  5. The problem with trying to influence the subconscious mind is that we are doing so from the conscious mind. The conscious mind thinks it has control and that by its own efforts it can engineer creativity and change: it can’t. As soon as we find ourselves trying to direct the subconscious, trying to put it to some use we have killed it.

    • Thanks for the comment, Peter. It’s absolute possible for the conscious mind to shape the subconscious (or mind of the body), in fact, that is exactly what healing trauma, and breaking free of addictive patterns and other destructive habits is about. How easy or tough it is depends on how willing the individual is to learn to work together with your subconscious — and to learn it’s language, which is emotion. It’s not easy to get comfortable with feeling feelings, and being willing to change limiting thought patterns and beliefs … however, it’s totally doable. Thanks again for commenting!

  6. There’s some interesting information in this article, and while it might be helpful it might also be good to add some references to some peer-reviewed research articles to add strength and credibility to the advices given. Just a tip :)

  7. I think I understand the concept, but what is it we can do to bring positive into the minds of our partners/children/friends when they are unsafe and feeling down, blaming themselves, or just feeling insecure and rejected? I think I can help myself now, not through the blog but through my own experience. Communicating with people constantly and being rejected as many times as accepted by others did teach me to “take it easy”, to analyse the situation, find positives and negatives and take the positives, and forgive the negatives. It is easier to live that way. However it is difficult to see how your friend or a member of family is suffering is hard.

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