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Celebrating Father’s Day – Father’s Role In Nurturing Children’s Emotional Safety

In honor of Father’s Day, I’d like to honor the qualities of fathers that foster children's emotional sense of security, well being and resiliency, and share a few quotes and a favorite poem.

“Fathers, like mothers, are not born.
 Men grow into fathers -
 and fathering is 
a very important stage in their development."


Certain qualities that fathers represent and model are invaluable, such as standing up for and believing in ourselves and our dreams, to never giving up and mustering the strength to face our fears with courage. Healthy fathering nourishes children with a strong and healthy sense of self, agency, determination and momentum to make things happen.
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Conscious Lifestyle

10 Steps to Infuse Your Goals (Brain) With Momentum-Inspiring Passion

One of the keys to success in any area of your life is staying focused on what’s important in a given situation or period of time. What you most desire - your goals - are inseparably connected to your highest values, certain core emotional yearnings you are hardwired, as a human being, to aspire to realize.

The key to realizing what you want therefore lies not only in your ability to stay focused on your goals, but also the skill of cultivating and holding fast to an impassioned understanding of the connection between your goals and your deepest values. It's about getting your brain to work for you, optimally, with you.

Connecting what you want to higher values?

You can realize amazing things in your life and relationships when you understand the power of your focused attention. No longer theory, there are complex processes that are automatically handled by the 'operating system' of your brain and body, also known as the subconscious or unconscious mind. What you pay attention to expands.

Simultaneously, certain core universal yearnings or values operate automatically, in that, these hardwired emotional drive/needs, consciously or subconsciously, motivate human behaviors akin to human physical drives for sustenance.

More precisely, what we're talking about here is how to make this a conscious process, something that you, and not your subconscious mind, are in charge of.
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