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Hypnosis – A Mindful Way to Form a Working and Healing Relationship With Your Self

When you find it difficult or impossible to change an unwanted habit, it often has to do with the way you relate, or communicate, with yourself. Hypnosis works because its highest goal and purpose is to help you develop a caring and compassionate relationship with your inner self.  Essentially, you realize greater integration or alignment of different parts of you, inside, that may be failing to communicate because they 'think' they are at odds with one another.

When you feel stuck in some area of your life, it can seem as if part of you wants to change and another part does not. It may annoy or perplex you not to be open to your own suggestions.

It seems like it should be easy to stop doing something you’ve decided is harmful, such as stop binge eating or angry outbursts, or start doing something beneficial to your health, such as enjoy a lifestyle of regular exercise and nutritious food on your way to a strong, trim and fit body.

More often, this resistance means differing parts of you are in conflict.
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Conscious Lifestyle

Four Steps to Rewire Your Brain With Conscious-Mind Action

True, the mystery and complexity of the mind and brain may remain an ever present reality. Thanks in large part to advanced methods of studying the brain, however, recent findings in neuroscience have come a long way to unravel numerous puzzles.

Safe to say, many operations of the brain and body are governed by scientific laws as real as the Law of Gravity. Unquestionably, there is less mystery.

One of the laws discovered by recent findings is the ability of the brain to restructure and heal itself throughout life. This discovery alone tossed out centuries of scientific creeds, which previously held that we cannot do much about the damage caused by trauma and certain set patterns such as those labeled mental or behavioral “disorders.”

Known as neuroplasticity, findings show you have an innate ability to restructure the gray matter of your brain, literally speaking, with your mind and conscious-mind action. When you change what you think, say or do in response to an event or situation, you change inner emotional states. As emotions are molecules that transmit the "what" to fire and wire" messages, whenever your felt experience of an event changes, accordingly, this physically restructures the gray matter of your brain.

More and more, psychological treatment is less guesswork and mystery, and more application of proven science.
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