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Emotional Mastery

Depression? Anxiety? Five Factors That Elevate Levels of Toxic-Stress in Body & Mind, 2 of 3

If there is evidence that questions both the effectiveness of psychiatric drugs and whether they cause more harm than good, what are options to consider (with your doctor, as necessary)?

In Part 1, we looked at some of the significant findings and publications that sound alarm on the prevailing take-a-pill approach to mental health (and health in general), and certain forces responsible for fueling an epidemic of mental (and physical) illness in the last decades, curiously unique to the United States.

In the next post, Part 3, we consider five essential strategies that studies show reduce anxiety and depression naturally. Here, we first consider five factors that can elevate stress in the mind and body to toxic levels, and that must be addressed in treatment to successfully eliminate or lower the toxic levels of stress that can feed anxiety or depression.

The position of this therapist is that depression and anxiety are serious problems with affect regulation that are learned neural associations or chemical-reaction patterns, rather than genetic diseases.
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Depression? Anxiety? Why Take a Pill, When It’s Your Nature to Heal? Part 1 of 3

The number of Americans diagnosed with a mental disorder has grown exponentially, and to make matters worse, many are increasingly over-diagnosed. Curiously the numbers are unique to the United States among industrial nations, a fact in itself that should ring alarm bells.

Why take a pill, though, when a plethora of research supports lifestyle changes are promising alternatives, providing one makes a commitment to holistic change? Findings show that an anti-inflammatory diet, exercise, meditation, among other health essentials for the brain and body, are equally if not more viable and effective treatments for anxiety and depression - notably, with no side effects.

Making a case for Ending the Era of Mass Psychiatry, Dr Marilyn Wedge discusses three recent books that seek answers to the question of why Americans are suffering a 'unique' to the U.S. 'mental health epidemic'?

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Conscious Lifestyle

12 Tips to Enjoy Making Exercise Part of Your Lifestyle!

If you’re not already exercising, and wish to make exercise part of your lifestyle, you may be wondering how you will ever find the energy, the will or even the time to exercise.

If so, you first need reasons to love exercise for its many benefits so you can begin to energize your heart and mind to fully embrace, and welcome a balanced exercise program into your life, for its many benefits to your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Naturally, the next step is to talk to your doctor about taking a fitness test, to determine if there are any exercises that are unsafe or off limits for you. [Hopefully a doctor that values a preventive, holistic approach to primary care...]

And now, to really get started, here are 12 tips or guidelines to follow, and more and more, to enjoy making exercise an integral part of your lifestyle:

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Why Fall in Love With a (Balanced) Exercise Program?

There is a lot to love about exercise! Like a trusted friend, you can count on it to always be there to take your frustrations to, and know you will leave feeling better or re-charged and ready to return to living your life, and to keep stretching toward your dreams.

Similar to a good therapy session, exercise can also help you discover the power you have inside, through the choices you make, to consciously melt away any stress or anxiety, to calm your anger, and to regain your composure after an upset — and to do so in ways that grow, empower and nourish you, emotionally and physically.

In some cases, it's no exaggeration to say that exercise can work instant wonders, not unlike the refresh button on your computer.

(A word of caution, however: Exercise cannot replace professional therapy in dealing with a serious personal issue, trauma, addiction, and so on. It can however work miracles on routine or relatively minor stresses — and in all cases is a great partner to therapy, especially essential in dealing with big stressors.)

Falling in love with a regular and balance exercise routine may be just what you need to energize yourself to live your best life — and achieve the healthy, trim and fit body you want — as a bonus!
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Conscious Lifestyle

A ‘Balanced’ Exercise Program – What It Is And Why You Need It

You've heard it before, and increasingly, doctors and therapists are recommending it: Exercise is one of the healthiest steps you can take to improve your life, health and emotional well-being. It not only helps you maintain a healthy body and weight, it also has proven benefits in increasing your happiness and even improving your relationships.

If you’re already exercising, you may want to improve your consistency, and spend less time making excuses or dreading what's involved. Wouldn't it be great to enjoy and appreciate its value to you, your health and your happiness?

You can. Check into how you may energize your love and appreciation for exercise. And, if you are just getting started, here are 12 tips to help you make exercise part of your lifestyle.

Regardless your fitness level, however, it’s important to work toward putting together an exercise regimen that is balanced. What's that entail? A balanced exercise program is one that includes the three essential components of physical health: endurance, strength, and balance and flexibility.

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