What Types of People Hate Synchronized Swimming?

Last week's cartoon was about one of the most powerful women in the country, and possibly the world. No, not Hillary, Oprah. (All really famous women have just one name, have you noticed?) Oh, Oprah.

I couldn't let another week go by without an Olympics cartoon.

(After 3 days of watching the Olympics for the Diving they promised (my favorite! Cynthia Potter!), which meant turning the TV on every 15 minutes, since there's no real schedule, and not finding ONE SPLASH, I was thinking of...
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Oprah’s Most Popular Shows… and One She Missed

My last cartoon was summery, too: a day at the beach, with, I think you could describe them as a mixed-race couple.

Here's another hot weather one, and I think the lady of the house is getting hot under the collar, as well. It's the little things that he does.

Probably no one on TV had as much influence over people as Oprah, when she had her daily show. Why was everyone so mesmerized by her interviews and guests?

I'm a strong disbeliever in schadenfreude (can't...
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Would You Say This to a Mixed Couple at the Beach?

My last cartoon was about who buys adult movies. Hey, I'm allowed to talk about stuff like that!

Even with all that's going on in the news, some part of us remembers other summers, and going someplace warm with a lot of salt water. Summer at the seashore. So here's your cartoon for that.

But really, does your Significant Other do well in social situations, or does he have a meltdown in public? Do you not want to take him out in the real world?

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Who Buys Adult Movies?

My last cartoon was about how to choose a mate. Yes, looks count, but it's better if he doesn't look anything like you. I explain why there.

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I wrote this cartoon as a little joke about how uneducated kids are today. Those Darn Kids! We really are smarter.

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