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Discover Morphopsychology: What Looks Can Tell Us About Personality

Have you ever noticed that there is a human tendency to try and make sense of someone by how they look? We sort of size people up when we meet them.

Morphopsychology is the analysis and study of the facial morphology, used for personality evaluations. The process by which the shape of one’s face interacts with the psychology is still a mystery, but I am sure that like everyone else, when meeting a new face, you had a strange intuition of knowing the nature of the person you met (Note that this intuition could prove to be right or wrong).

That is where morphopsychology started, and it started a long time ago because the first words we know about it are from Hippocrates. From experience, clinical observation, and statistical studies, a lot of skilled men started drawing the basic rules to propose a correspondence between face and personality.

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How Is Your Personality Impacting Your Happiness?

A great starting place to increase our level of happiness is to develop self-awareness, and a great place to develop self-awareness is to understand our personality.

There are many different interpretations and theories of personality, along with different tools to measure personality type.

Personality is thought to be a set of generally stable and consistent traits or tendencies we possess. These are the natural behavior responses we tend to elicit in any given situation.

One theory which has shown to be universal in nature is The Big Five theory of personality.

This theory posits that there are five overarching traits that cover our attitudinal and behavioral inclinations, which includes: neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness.

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