I’m incredibly pleased to announce the Trigger Positive program is finally available!

As I began exploring positive psychology and utilizing “happiness” interventions in my own life, I was able to really experience a positive influence on my outlook and level of well-being.

I want to share how I have done this, so I’ve compiled psychological theories and research shown to increase well-being and happiness in an easy to read book.

The program also includes my story and how these ideas have completely altered my level of happiness and well-being.

The program provides tools for developing greater self-awareness, cultivating positive emotion, finding purpose and meaning, cultivating healthy relationships, seeking self-growth, and partnering with others to leave a lasting influence in the world.

The program includes:

  • 145 page PDF workbook containing 16 separate exercises.
  • 16 Proven strategies to enhance your happiness.
  • 5 Guided meditations to facilitate greater emotional well-being.
  • A 3 hour 30 minute audio program walking you through exercises and meditations.
  • 4 great bonus products from top bloggers:

Mindfulness Living by Paige Burkes

How to Love Consciously by Alex Blackwell

Journaling from the Soul by Jodi Chapman

A Practical Guide to Bliss by Andrea DeBell

To learn more about the program CLICK HERE!

The eBook is broken down into four main sections. The first section examines positive and negative emotions, emotional intelligence, enhancing positive emotions and well-being.

The second section is about becoming a greater person and explores character strengths, flow, mindfulness, courage, optimism, creativity, meditation and setting goals.

The third section is about positively influencing others and examines compassion, empathy, positive communication, kindness, forgiveness and gratitude.

The last section brings these ideas together and is about making a difference in the world and leaving your legacy. This section examines developing your life vision and mission, finding purpose and meaning, and using these ideas to be a change agent in your home and community.

I hope you enjoy it!

To learn more about the program CLICK HERE!