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How to Discover Work You Love

Imagine doing work that you truly enjoy, and not only that, but imagine the work also gives you a sense of meaning and purpose. What is it that you would be doing? When we are fulfilled by the work we do we will likely be at our best, and will be engaged and challenged on a daily basis. When we find this congruence in the work we do, it may no longer feel like work, but more like a "calling" we were meant for. Finding the right work that corresponds with our passions and strengths can seem like a lifelong challenge if we don't understand our natural capabilities, what motivates us, and what gives us a sense of purpose.
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Emotional Awareness

You Don’t Have to be Buddhist to Experience the Benefits of Meditation

There is growing interest in the use of meditation and other contemplative practices to promote mental and physical health. Until recently, the practice of meditation has been traditionally relegated to the private study of those willing to be specially trained in a particular style or technique. However, in the past 10 years, things have changed as meditation’s universal appeal and access has begun to broaden, and the real-world applications and neuroscience research has followed. Even more interesting is exploring the valuable effects of combining frameworks and techniques from different contemplative traditions to improve emotional experiences and regulation. A recent study published in the Journal of Emotions (2012) examined the emotional changes that can result from meditation practice and emotional intelligence training, by delivering a program to 82 female participants over 8 weeks.
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A Tribute to the Leadership Responsibility of Mother’s Everywhere

Mother's Day has arrived and it's time to celebrate the unique responsibilities, challenges and excitement of motherhood. If you’re a mother, this post is an offering to your happiness and contentment, and a reminder of the indispensable role you fill. Mothers are a unique leader of their children and family. They fill a crucial role of teaching future generations the power of living a loving and compassionate life. This is because mothers live with a sense of love that is unmatched by most. They approach life with a caring and courageous heart and the decisions they make are anchored in love. A few of the leadership qualities mothers convey include: joy, hope, love and compassion.
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It’s Not What You Have But How You See it: How to Live With Contentment

Have you ever noticed that the more you have the more you want? Let's face it. Seeing our life as good enough doesn't come naturally for many people any longer. We live in a mixed-up and crazy culture where it's an ongoing commitment to temper greed, jealousy and ambition for more. We always have the options to have more, learn more and do more. One key to living with contentment is to realize the difference between needs and wants. We allow our desires and wants to take over our motivation until we begin to believe that we really need to live a life of consumption and materialism. As we gain awareness of this conditioning we can learn to alter our perspective to one that will offer more satisfaction with life. Here are a few ideas to help you be happier with what you have and who you are:
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Positive Psychology

An Interview with Ryan Niemiec on Character Strengths, Well-Being, and Living a Meaningful Life

I have been doing more interviews on this blog lately to get wisdom, cutting edge knowledge, and valuable insight from experts in the field of Positive Psychology, and this interview with Ryan Niemiec Psy.D. offers all of that and more. Ryan is the Education Director at the VIA Institute on Character, and a fellow blogger here on PsychCentral who writes the blog Character Strengths. He was kind enough to share his extensive knowledge about how we can use our character strengths to begin living life at our best. I believe this is one of the most valuable topics in applied positive psychology so am truly grateful for his generosity. I know the interview is long, but it's certainly worth the read. I hope you enjoy!
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