It’s amazing how many new and innovative ideas arrive in the world each and every day. People are constantly progressing and expanding current ideas to solve problems, make things more convenient, and to economically endure.

This constant creating shouldn’t be so surprising though. We are all highly creative if we learn to think in a creative manner and start cultivating our ability to see things in a new and improved way.

Creative people do think differently. They tend to be more curious and free-spirited. They are independent thinkers and look beyond what is in front of them.

You can start to take on some of these characteristics and be more creative as well.

Remove mental blocks

Have you ever been afraid that your ideas were stupid or too strange to catch on? We often block our own creativity by being afraid of what others might think. Removing this mental block is crucial for any creative development. Free yourself by not second guessing or limiting your ideas.

Let your creative juices flow and don’t hold back. If things aren’t turning out as you planned don’t give up or immediately dismiss your idea. Give creativity a chance and watch it appear.

Be flexible and open-minded

One key to unlocking creative thinking is to be prepared to change perspectives on how you see things. Being flexible can help to solve problems when they arise and it makes change and uncertainty more opportunistic to deal with.

Flexible thinking is crucial to thinking outside-the-box and being able to adapt with what is different from our expectations. Being open-minded and flexible helps us to realize that change is inevitable and can be very positive if approached with the right attitude.

Find where your creativity lies

There are numerous areas where creativity can be expressed. Creativity doesn’t just involve conjuring up a new business idea or technological advancements.

We can view creative potential by examining Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. There are different types of intelligence and each of us has strengths in certain areas.

What area can you express creativity through?

Linguistic - You can be creative with words, writing, and telling stories.

Logical - You can find creativity with numbers, experiments, and strategic thinking.

Spatial - You can uncover creativity through drawing, doing puzzles, or more visual activities.

Musical - You can release creativity through songs, singing, or creating music and rhythm.

Bodily - Most people don’t realize that creativity comes from our use of the body with dancing, athletics, and other hands on activities.

Interpersonal - Are you a people person? You may be able to find a creative outlet with communicating and interacting with others.

Intrapersonal - Maybe you find creativity through you self-understanding, introspection, and connecting with your feelings.

Naturalistic - Creativity can come from nature by studying plants, animals, and the environment.

Find opportunities to be creative and do little things to start letting your creativity blossom. Be free to express yourself, whether singing out loud and not caring how it sounds, doodling and drawing when you have downtime, or starting to see creativity in the ordinary, it’s time to let your creativity free.

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