Do you think it’s possible to become grateful for our anxious suffering? Can we learn from it? Is it just a painfully uncomfortable downer or …

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Poll: What’s Your Relationship Like With Your Anxiety Disorder?

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  1. My anxiety helps me get things done. When I feel revved up, I tend to do more, accomplish more. But full blown panic attacks suck. I prefer my anxiety in small doses.

  2. I am working daily at management of my anxiety and depression, a condition I have had ever since I was a small child. I am 53 now.
    It comes in peaks and valleys.Amoung the most memorable victories to me have only happened recently. Of course, not everyone would understand this..but it isnt their mastery. It’s mine. My strategies and victories are as unique as I am. and , man…I am wayy unique. :)
    Fear of bridges: I thanked it. ( the bridge). I actually sang a song while going over it on that stellar day of morning walking I love.” ZZ Top :I Thank You”. One could say, I “befriended” it. Chocked it up and I moved along. That was 3 months ago. I now call it my bridge. Its just a bridge but special to me.
    I walk into the twinges of resistance in certain physical locations that are associated with prior anxiety attacks or the like. I seek them out..and make myself go. I succeed. The world expands as the phobias shrivel.I have two shoeboxes of index cards with strategies and joys associated with them. Victories. Little things. All personal and unique as I am. Thats my anxiety. At 53 and post-menopausal. Its not my identity. Its just a facet of the gemstone.
    Never talked about this before, but feels good to do so

    • Thanks so much for sharing, Shelly. :) I’m glad it feels good. You’re certainly not alone — I’ve been having bridge problems lately too. I’ll probably write about them soon, so check back.

  3. I can accept having Anxiety Disorder as it runs in my family. My grandmother had it the worst & she raised 7 kids. My mother has it, too. The worst part about my Anxiety Disorder, is when I’m around people who are anxious or is having some anxiety; it ramps up my anxiety. Then my anxiety ramps up theirs & it becomes a vicious circle. I’ve had to be the one to stand up & let them know that they are “pushing” my buttons. My latest attack was finding out that the Anxiety medications are “messing” with my kidneys & I’m having to cut back on my med; eventually I’ll be off of the drug. If my anxiety doesn’t stop, then I’ll have to go on a “kidney friendly” drug. In the meantime, I’m doing things to help me cope: gardening, walking the dog, exercising on the treadmill; & taking “Ta’i Chi” again.

  4. My anxiety definds me, just as every step I have taken is a part of me. It is not a herdel, it is life. What it means is that I still have things that I must forgive and foorget, or in some cases if I cannot forgive and forget, then I just let go. Everytime I let go I feel more complete, I feel no anger towards anybody, I forgive. My anxiety is just my minds way of saying – hay ur holding a lot inside, maybe u should move on with life. If u want to see the light u must stop blundering in the dark put things in order, throw away the garbage & then sweet bliss as the light shines. Don’t try to be a hero- listen to what ur body is trying to tell u.

  5. I’m not really sure which option to choose in the survey…I didn’t know I had an anxiety disorder until September. Before then I didn’t really think anything was wrong with me–I wished I was super outgoing but it didn’t really bother me that I wasn’t. Now that I know, I realize how much I’ve been missing out on and how much it’s controlled my life, and that makes me mad. Still though, while I don’t like the way it makes me feel, I don’t (usually) see it as a super bad thing.

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