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Reasons To Love Your Life

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

You know, I imagine that anyone reading this blog questions whether they love their life. If you love your life then why read a blog on reasons to love it, right? I mean you already have the answers.

I’m not talking about a lust for life. And by lust I mean getting caught up in short bursts of excitement and adrenaline. I’m not talking about the feeling of love that ebbs and flows (although, the feeling of love for your life will come as a result of what I’m about to say). I’m talking about the act of love (no, not lovemaking either, that would be a little odd). By the act of love I mean practical love. Practical love is the best way to approach your life. When you love your life, by love I mean demonstrate the behaviors of acting in love, your life will reward you. I promise.

You might ask, ‘well, what do you mean by practical love, how do I practically love my life?’ Simple. There are two parts, the first is the most important:

You take care of the source of your life.


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