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How to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

Holidays and weight gain often go hand in hand. Still, have you ever considered how to enjoy the holidays more than ever, without gaining a single pound?

You can maintain your weight during the holidays. It’s all about self-awareness, your emotional state, and remembering a few tricks to get you past the temptations.

This post will outline simple methods to accomplish all of the above. Of course, it’s not magic. You need to decide you...
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10 Signs You Have Trust Issues and How to Begin Healing

Trust issues may be your number one obstacle to connection, warmth, and intimacy.

When you're experiencing trust issues, you cannot extend yourself, or make yourself vulnerable in relationships, which is essential to lasting success, according to experts. This post offers unmistakable signs and symptoms of trust issues and points toward their resolution.

But before we get into the 10 signs of trust issues, let’s get the bad news out of the way. The bad news about...
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7 Secret Eating Habits that May Be Signs of an Eating Disorder

If you engage in secret eating, you hide your food consumption from others.

How you might accomplish secret eating is only limited by your imagination and willingness to deceive others who may object.

A British poll of women revealed startling secret eating statistics among respondents.

60% of women admitted to eating ‘guilt foods’ in secret
23% admitted to burying food wrappers in the trash can so others wouldn’t see
One is six women hide pleasure...
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What is an HSP? – Understanding the Highly Sensitive Person

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is a buzzword in the personal growth and mental health community.

What is HSP? I took the opportunity to interview Joe Capriotti, an HSP Coach, in search of answers.

Here are some commonly asked questions about HSPs, and Joe's answers.
What is a Highly Sensitive Person?
According to the research of Dr. Elaine Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person, between 15-20% of males and females equally are born...
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5 Reasons to Get Outside Right Now

We are often taught that being exposed to the sun in any way is detrimental to our body. From scares of skin cancer to  fear of wrinkles, the sun is considered a culprit.

The truth is, we need sunlight.

We buy hats, sunglasses, and smother our skin in toxic-chemical-laden sunscreen, depriving our bodies of any chance we had of absorbing some precious Vitamin D.

What most of us don’t realize is how good for us the...
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NLP Tip: The “Worry-No-More” Technique

There are certain anxieties of life that may be necessary.

Worrying about your children in reasonable doses for example, can help you to take preventative action against things that could be potentially dangerous to them.

Taking precautions and having concern for your health provides motivation to eat well and exercise.

According to research cited by Science Daily,  worry can become a health hazard as well, however:

A new research study, led by a Case Western Reserve University faculty member...
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An Awesome Reversal for People with a ‘Rough Past’

In NLP we call it a reframe - the altering of meaning.

Most of us understand that we don't see the world as it is, but as we are. Theoretically, we have a choice in determining what things mean.

However, few of us consciously alter how we see the world. NLP reframing offers the tools to do that.

Here's an example from an iNLP Center student who was learning about reframing meaning. She'd had...
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Do You Hate Talking about your Anxiety?

Of course you want to put a lid on your anxiety. Stuff it back down where it came from. You do NOT want to talk about your anxiety, to open up. But why not?

Because you fear talking about it might somehow empower your anxiety - make it more real - and you do not want it to get any stronger, go out of control and completely take over your life.

Besides, if people only...
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Do You Have ‘Fear of Being Observed’?

Social anxiety is a well known phenomenon, yet there is one component  - fear of being observed - that seems to help clarify the issue for some people.

Fear of being observed boils down to fear of being judged, criticized or harshly scrutinized, especially by strangers.

This element of social anxiety may manifest in a variety of situations.

For example:

• After being asked a question, while others are attending to your reply
• While performing public tasks,...
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7 Experts Give Advice About How to Raise Self-Esteem

We often try to compensate for low self-esteem by committing a (paradoxical) negative action, which only feeds the monster that is insecurity.

Though the negative action may seemingly have temporary benefits, it will never rid you of your insecurity.

For example of this is a woman with low self-esteem, who seeks attention from men as validation. Yes she is getting immediate attention, but chances are it's not the type she truly wants and it's...
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