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This Simple Mindset Gives you a Happiness Boost

According to several surveys taken all over the world, if you act like an extrovert, even when you’re feeling introverted, you will be happier and feel more positive emotions.

This information was surprising to me, because when I am feeling introverted, the last thing I want to do is go out and socialize.

But according to an article titled The Simple Mindset That Makes Everyone Happier All Over The World published by...
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How Anxiety Causes You To See the World Differently

It is common to believe that different thoughts and emotional states will affect the way you experience the world. Researchers have discovered that this is the case with anxiety.

Individuals who suffer from anxiety see the world differently and this may have some bearing on the degree to which they are susceptible to suffer from anxiety in the first place.

One study's main discovery has been that those who suffer from anxiety find...
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Two Activities, When Combined, Reduce Depression by 40 Percent

In our market economy, it seems like every solution worth a grain of salt must fetch a price. But, as it turns out, that need not be the case when it comes to depression.

Research published in Translational Psychiatry has shown that combining meditation with aerobic exercise can reduce depression by up to 40 percent.

The specific finding of the study was that employing both aerobic exercise and meditation twice weekly over the...
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Virtual Reality Therapy for Depression

The future, as the cliché goes, is here.

Bionic limbs are approaching the functionality of natural appendages; traveling to space continues to get cheaper just as approval to mine space asteroids is approved in America, and genetic advancements are allowing the precise editing of genes that will one day (soon) open the possibility of designer babies.

Big and small, all problems are starting to have a high tech solution to them. The...
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How Mindfulness Can Alleviate Depression

Some would say depression in the modern world has reached pandemic proportions.

Yet, the symptoms of this mental illness may be masked by those suffering from it. This is partially due to the stigma that our society attaches to the realm of mental illnesses. It is popularly perceived as not an illness, but rather a mood that people should somehow 'snap out of'.

Mental illness patients are often advised to simply get over their condition...
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Gut Health and its Effect on Depression

The rich relationship between microscopic organisms and humans may have a lot to do with mental health, specifically anxiety and depression.

When you understand the key role beneficial bacteria play, you'll be more motivated to maintain your gut health.

Initially it was thought that all bacteria and other microorganisms were parasites or other unwanted presences that got into our body due to their small size.

The thinking continued that they were somehow able to avoid...
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Four Ways Your Perception of Others Can Ruin Your Life

How you perceive others has everything to do with your own mental well-being.

This article will show you why this is the case and offer suggestions to improve your moods.

The Austrian philosopher Martin Buber may have been the first to point out the not-so-obvious: Our perception of others has everything to do with self-perception.

How you feel about yourself - moment to moment - is inseparably tied to how you view others.

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Five Areas of Emotional Health That Can Make or Break You

Let's take a look at the issues that can make or break your emotional health. There are five areas to consider today.

1. Awareness of feelings

A common problem with emotional self-awareness might be expressed this way:

Even though I am capable of feeling my feelings and following them - in the practical process of everyday communication, I am on autopilot too much. Being on autopilot encourages glossing over feelings or denying them.

Still, I know...
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Mood Alteration and Other Signs of Testosterone Deficiency in Men

As men age, their testosterone level decreases. However, some young and middle-aged men also suffer testosterone deficiency for a variety of reasons.

Let's define low testosterone and take a look at some of the top signs of testosterone deficiency in men.

Defining Low Testosterone

The male body produces testosterone primarily in the testicles. Testosterone catalyzes the production of sperm as well as a man's sex drive. Testosterone is also partially responsible for the production of bone...
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