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The Top Three Nutritional Supplements for Chronic Stress

There are many sources that list their 'top three' supplements for chronic stress, but I chose these because of their integrated health benefits to the body so that they deal with root cause of stress.

According to the American Psychological Association, 75% of Americans have moderate to high stress. The American Institute of Stress also reports that about 80% of people in the experience stress on the job.

Nutrition plays a critical role in...
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8 Signs You’re Way Too Stressed

Stress. It’s an evolutionary tactic that is great in small doses but is literally killing us now that we’re surrounded by it in our daily existence.

Here are eight signs you’re succumbing to its vices.

1. Always Sick

Getting sick once a year is normal. Getting sick once a month is not. Because continual stress depletes our body’s immune system, we begin to pick up everything that comes along, from the seasonal flu to the common cold.

2. Concentration...

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This Child-Like Activity Melts Stress and Increases Focus

If you need a way to relax and focus,  you should take up coloring.

After finding commercial success back in 2012, adults and therapists alike are taking a vested interest in the beneficial effects coloring has on the human psyche.

Art therapy is nothing new, having been around since the 1940s. It’s a method of therapy where patients are encouraged to pursue an artistic form as a way...
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Why Depression May Begin with Food

Diets high in refined carbohydrates increase a postmenopausal woman’s chance of suffering from depression.

Data was analyzed from an enormous study that analyzed data from over 70,000 postmenopausal women collected from an NIH Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study.

When we eat refined carbs (think white flour, white bread and sugar) our blood sugar levels spike, causing hormones in the body to stabilize these high levels.

Because sugar stabilization is hormonal in nature, scientists believe a chronic...
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This Light Therapy Beats SSRI and Placebo for Depression

Initial steps have been taken to determine if 10,000 lux light therapy can be used as a legitimate way to treat depression - not seasonal depression - but full blown major depressive disorder.

The results of this JAMA study were provocative, to say the least.

• Light therapy beat Prozac.
• Light therapy beat sham light therapy (placebo).
• Prozac did NOT beat placebo.
• A combination of Prozac and light therapy beat sham light therapy and sham...
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Fast Recovery from Depression with Magnesium?

I love how my magnesium supplement makes me feel.

My mood is better. I sleep much better. I wake up with more energy in the morning. Best of all, I take a fizzy powdered magnesium that tastes like rasberry lemonade when mixed with water. It helps me avoid soda.

So I wondered if scientific research suggests magnesium is effective in treating depression. I found some.

And I found some more.
Here are a...
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Can Aromatherapy Really Help Anxiety and Depression?

I'm not an aromatherapy expert, but I often wonder whether or not there is any science behind it.

Do aromatherapy essential oils really pack healing power, or do they just smell nice?

It didn't take long before I found some evidence, published by reputable sources, that certain aromatherapy essential oils appear to have legitimate healing effects on the nervous system.

The American College of Health Sciences published this post, for example. One study...
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7 Tips To Manage Stress For A Successful New Year

Guest Post by Linda Prejean

It is worth reducing stress for many reasons: Your sleep will improve and you will have more energy as you take in greater levels of harmony and balance throughout the day.

Yet, stress isn’t always bad. Studies have shown that bigger goals and greater ambition doesn’t have to mean more stress. In fact, a workaholic doesn’t necessarily get there any faster (think of the tortoise and the hare).  Some of the...
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