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5 Reasons Smart People Have Trouble Accepting Themselves

Let’s talk about five specific struggles that people who are above average in intelligence face.

Research suggests that individuals with an IQ of 120 are brighter than 91% of the population.

This isn’t some arrogant claim. It’s a fact. And it is not the fault of the high IQ individual. That said, being smart is not an emotional advantage. People with a high IQ do not necessarily have it easy on the inside. Emotions are...
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Simple Change in Diet Shown to Help Depression

Lack of essential nutrients has proven to be detrimental to mental health, and may contribute to depression.

Research has shown that those who have a Mediterranean diet, which consists of nuts, legumes, fruits, and vegetables (sources of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals) were less likely to suffer from depression than those who eat a diet consisting of a lot of sweets and meats.

Over a course of ten years, a study...
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Three Emotional Obstacles to Weight Loss That Many Never Consider

Guest post by Courtney Blair

Losing weight comes with a plethora of challenges. Facing the fact that you need to lose weight, at all, can be extremely difficult. Then you are faced with motivation struggles, cravings for carbs, and a sweet tooth that is just shameful.

Making all of these changes can be a huge challenge, but there are obstacles in weight loss that many never consider before embarking upon the journey.

1. One of the obstacles that...
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Breaking the Anxiety Cycle in Children

Everyone has their own fears, anxieties, and worries. But are they rational? Are they being passed on to our children? Studies say that indeed, they are. But that can change, with help from a professional, according to new research by UConn Health psychiatrist Golda Ginsburg.

Ginsburg and colleagues at Johns Hopkins University tested a one-year family therapy intervention as part of a study of 136 families with at least one parent with anxiety and...
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The Specific Forgiveness ‘Ability’ that Protects from Depression

The true test of a person’s character, in my opinion, is their ability to forgive others when they make mistakes. Being someone who has made many mistakes in my day, I am faced with some who have forgiven me, and some who to this day have not. Not being forgiven can be painful, and it has helped me to empathize with others when they happen to mess up, and genuinely feel bad about...
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21 Characteristics of Smart, Anxious Misfits

Are you a smart, anxious misfit?

If these words describe you, then compare the qualities listed below to your life. If the majority of them are true for you, then you very well might be a super smart, somewhat anxious social misfit. This can be a good thing!

Disclaimer: This article is NOT diagnostic in nature. 'Smart, anxious misfit' is not a clinical term. It’s a term I made up, pulled out of thin air.

Why? Because I can:)...
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Long-Term Damage of Controlling Parents? Research Tracks Children from their Birth in 1946

What are controlling parents like?

They do not allow their children to make age-appropriate decisions for themselves.

They do not tolerate their children holding different opinions.

They invade their children’s personal space, not allowing for privacy.

In general, controlling parents require their children to be dependent on a variety of levels.
What are the long-term effects of this kind of tight-fisted parenting?
According to researchers, the effects are similar in scope to the death of a loved one. In other words,...
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The Alchemist Approach to Social Anxiety – Free Mini Course

Do you suffer through life with social anxiety?

If so, I’m interested in teaching you - at no charge - a new protocol I am developing called The Alchemist Approach to Social Anxiety.

I suffer, too - and always have. It’s the one issue that, in spite of all my training and years of personal work, has remained a constant in my life.

And I am so grateful that it has. I no longer wish to...
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The Lifestyle that Correlates with Higher Anxiety

While you might be working or relaxing after a long day of sitting, this increase in the sedentary lifestyle is starting to cause quite the uproar among mental health researchers.

As humans, it’s our natural drive to want to move all the time, if only because our ancestors were always on the go. Access to chairs, beds and sofas is an opportunity to give in to sheer laziness more often...
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A Balanced Diet Means a Balanced Mind

Recently, the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research completed a study on the research, importance and future of nutritional psychiatry.

Their conclusion was, understandably, entirely positive, citing research that has provided evidence that a good diet leads to a healthy mind. In fact, nutrition is quickly becoming an accepted way doctors are dealing with issues like depression.

To those that eat healthy, this really comes as no surprise.

After all, the body requires vitamins and minerals...
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