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Bad Romance Choices: 3 Reasons They Happen

Inviting the wrong person into your

It always ends up hurting. Why do people do it? It might be easy to sit in judgment of others, as if they were consciously masochistic. We might even offer up some judgmental advice. "You know you should really stop dating such jerks. You're making yourself miserable."

It might not be that simple.

Relatively few people are consciously masochistic. The rest of us just make bad choices, over and...
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5 Reasons Smart People Have Trouble Accepting Themselves

Let’s talk about five specific struggles that people who are above average in intelligence face.

Research suggests that individuals with an IQ of 120 are brighter than 91% of the population.

This isn’t some arrogant claim. It’s a fact. And it is not the fault of the high IQ individual. That said, being smart is not an emotional advantage. People with a high IQ do not necessarily have it easy on the inside. Emotions are...
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10 Signs You’re An Emotional Rebel

Social rebels are often cast as heroes. Yet, there is another kind of rebel who suffers a less glorified fate.

Emotional rebels have a knack for digging their own emotional pit, then jumping in. And they may even be proud of themselves for doing it.

I know because I’ve done my share of emotional rebellion. It’s no fun, but satisfying in a twisted sort of way. Are you an emotional rebel? Here are 10 signs...
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Subtle Suicide: Are You Killing Yourself a Little Each Day and Not Caring?

It’s known as ‘subtle suicide’. And it’s a silent epidemic.

What is subtle suicide?

Authors Michael A. Church and Charles I. Brooks define it as follows:

Subtle suicide is a pattern of self-destructive feelings, thoughts and behaviors that take place over a substantial period of time, and significantly reduce the quality and possibly length of one’s life.

We all take a step closer to our natural death every day. But what if you are taking two steps, or...
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Simple Change in Diet Shown to Help Depression

Lack of essential nutrients has proven to be detrimental to mental health, and may contribute to depression.

Research has shown that those who have a Mediterranean diet, which consists of nuts, legumes, fruits, and vegetables (sources of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals) were less likely to suffer from depression than those who eat a diet consisting of a lot of sweets and meats.

Over a course of ten years, a study...
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