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5 Simple Steps to Create a New Habit that Sticks

Lots of buzz these days about creating habits. Some suggest that forming habits is more important than setting goals. Why?

Because your daily habits determine your long-term results, regardless of your intentions. That makes sense, right?

If your goal is to save money, but you have no savings habits to support it - only spending habits that undermine saving - your savings account balance is going to reflect your spending habits, not the...
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The Key to Managing Conflict with People you Trust

It’s tempting to think avoiding conflict with people you trust is helpful, but the opposite is true.

With people you trust, you should welcome conflict and be eager to engage. After all, regardless of the trust level, you are going to have differences of opinion, different wants and needs. Things will not always line up.

Conflict is inevitable. And necessary to growing a relationship. How you manage conflict is a key component to growing...
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The Top Three Nutritional Supplements for Chronic Stress

There are many sources that list their 'top three' supplements for chronic stress, but I chose these because of their integrated health benefits to the body so that they deal with root cause of stress.

According to the American Psychological Association, 75% of Americans have moderate to high stress. The American Institute of Stress also reports that about 80% of people in the experience stress on the job.

Nutrition plays a critical role in...
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Note to Self: Remember How to Be YOU Today

Dear Self,

Since there is no way you can be anyone else today, remember to consciously be yourself.

Keep the following pointers in mind so that you can have the experience of being simply you.

1. Of course you will notice others and compare yourself to them. This is natural. However, you don't need to compare yourself negatively. Other people are other people. You are you. Simple.

2. Pay deeper attention to feelings....
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How to Put Yourself in a Positive Place Every Morning

This could be the most productive few minutes of your spent ensuring the rest of your day goes well.

We all have schedules and expectations to fulfill. What if we spent a few moments every morning making plans for mental wellness?

Here is a template you might start with.

First, clear five minutes time to make sure this day goes well. Prioritize this, as it could be the most important five minutes of the day.

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How to Get Through a Typical Bad Day

Today’s the day I remind myself that I am not immune from suffering.

Why should I be?

I’m a person and people suffer from time to time; sometimes for a long, long time.

Shit happens and when I find myself in the midst of it, pretending it shouldn’t be happening doesn’t help.

Most of my suffering comes not from what happens in the world outside of me, but from my childish belief that it shouldn’t be...
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Note to Self: Be Content Today by Remembering This

Dear Self:

Let's focus on these three things so that today can be full of contentment.

1. You're not Superman

Today, I am not going to change the entire world, or my entire self. I am simply a person doing my best. Instead of expecting the world, I'll expect to imperfectly get some simple things done.

Doing a few small and productive things today will keep my life moving forward. I am content...
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7 Guidelines for Mastering Meditation

Stereotypically associated with hippies, meditation is only recently receiving scientific documentation proving what practitioners of the craft have known all along.

Though difficult to master in the beginning, it is a practice now known to positively impact virtually all aspects of the modern life. Over 3,000 studies have shown correlations between meditation and lowered anxiety, improved sleep, better productivity, stronger memory and a decreased chance of suffering a heart attack.

Beyond this, it is also...
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8 Signs You’re Way Too Stressed

Stress. It’s an evolutionary tactic that is great in small doses but is literally killing us now that we’re surrounded by it in our daily existence.

Here are eight signs you’re succumbing to its vices.

1. Always Sick

Getting sick once a year is normal. Getting sick once a month is not. Because continual stress depletes our body’s immune system, we begin to pick up everything that comes along, from the seasonal flu to the common cold.

2. Concentration...

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