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A Key to Being Comfortable in your Own Skin

By Mike Bundrant of the iNLP Center

If you're not 'comfortable in your own skin', then this article may tell you what the real issue is.

Being comfortable in your own skin may be another way of saying:

I am comfortable with my own power.
If you're comfortable with your own personal power, then:
• You can express your opinions without fearing rejection
• You can set boundaries without fearing rejection
• You can direct other people,...
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Approval from Others: Good or Bad?

All else being equal, of course approval from others is good.

Why wouldn’t it be?

Someone else likes, respects or approves of you or something you did. Wonderful! That’s legit. You deserve to feel good about that. You have pleased or exceeded the expectations of another person. That’s a win. Feel great about it.

You can even take things a step further and allow validation from others to enhance your self-esteem. After all, self-esteem has some...
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Men: Be Her Emotional Support or Someone Else Will Be

Men: Are you the primary source of emotional support for your wife or partner?

If not, rest assured, someone else is.

What follows are some quick thoughts on why you should be the main source of solutions with and for her - and some tips on how to do it.

(I am assuming heterosexual, monogamous relationships).
You should be the main source of solutions for your wife or partner because:
1. You love her. You want her to...
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Rebelling Against Yourself? Yep.

Yeah it's a little tricky, but we somehow manage to rebel against our own expectations, right?

We all know the classic image of a rebel. The guy or gal who insists on doing things his/her own way. Rebels won't be told what to do or how do it. Rebels hate authority and think for themselves!

Of course, this is a misconception. No one invites more intervention from others than a good rebel. Nobody asks for close monitoring...
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How to Tell if Your Partner Meets Your Needs

Are you wondering if your partner can or will meet your needs? Well, there is a way to find out.

Conduct an experiment. Collect data.

Of course, you’re not a lab assistant and your partner isn’t a rat. Still, don’t you want to make relationship decisions based on accurate information?

Then, don’t trust your feelings on this one. Trust the data.

And make sure your expectations are in line with what one adult can reasonably expect from another.

First, the...
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10 Fast Insights On Feeling Trapped in Social Situations

Imagine: you’re stuck in a social situation with people that you don’t like or cannot relate to.

You’re uncomfortable, or even anxious. How are you supposed to react? What are you going to do to get out of this?

I don’t know! But here are ten fast insights that may get you

1. Maybe you are not supposed to be comfortable around everyone. After all, when you’re with people that you cannot relate to, how are you...
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