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How to Stay Focused on the Positive Without Living in Fantasy

Summary: How can you stay focused on the positive when negativity is real?

Research suggests that focusing on positive outcomes correlates with self-esteem, but it would be foolish to deny that negative outcomes are possible. What's the solution?

According to an article titled Low Self Esteem published by Simply Psychology:

Research has shown key differences between individuals with high and low self-esteem. For example, people with high self-esteem focus on growth and improvement, whereas people with low self-esteem focus...
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Weight Loss Adversity: Not Caring

An example of Seligman's ABCDE Method as applied to lacking of motivation for weight loss.

The ABCDE Method for overcoming adversity and altering limiting beliefs can be used as a journal exercise to support daily weight-loss efforts.

Take out a piece of paper. Write down the words: adversity, beliefs, consequences, dispute, and energize.

Then, begin to journal. Use the following sample as a guide.

Adversity: If I am 100% honest, I am not feeling motivated to do what I...
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An Awesome Reversal for People with a ‘Rough Past’

In NLP we call it a reframe - the altering of meaning.

Most of us understand that we don't see the world as it is, but as we are. Theoretically, we have a choice in determining what things mean.

However, few of us consciously alter how we see the world. NLP reframing offers the tools to do that.

Here's an example from an iNLP Center student who was learning about reframing meaning. She'd had...
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Anxiety: Give it Over to God?

Some humanists would do just about anything to get rid of anxiety, as long as it does not involve giving it over to God.

Even though believers regularly report greater happiness and satisfaction in their lives, non-believers tend to stand on principle, refusing to believe in something so irrational as a Supreme Being.

In return, atheists and agnostics can cite their own pile of research to suggest religious folks are maladjusted psychologically.

And the debate goes...
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Do You Hate Talking about your Anxiety?

Of course you want to put a lid on your anxiety. Stuff it back down where it came from. You do NOT want to talk about your anxiety, to open up. But why not?

Because you fear talking about it might somehow empower your anxiety - make it more real - and you do not want it to get any stronger, go out of control and completely take over your life.

Besides, if people only...
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How to Get a Verbal Abuser to Stop Abusing You

Getting a verbal abuser to stop abusing you is one of those topics that is simple and complicated at the same time.

On the simple side of the matter, it's pretty clear. ZERO VERBAL ABUSE. That's the rule. Whoever cannot keep that rule does not have a place in your life. Done.

If you abuse me, you don't get to be with me, period. Simple!

One the more complicated side of getting a verbal abuser...
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Three Tips for People Who Grew Up with Non-Supportive Parents

Some parents really are loving, supportive, communicative and wise.

Other parents lack basic communication skills and honestly don't care about their children. Many parents fall somewhere in between.

Still, other parents are supportive and loving as long as their children go along with their agenda.

This can work as long as the kids are interested in becoming what their parents want them to be. Otherwise, it's hardly fair.

If you land into adulthood with a feeling that...
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How to Recognize your True Self

You probably already believe it's wise to 'just be yourself', but how do you know when you are?

It's not like your brain has a true/false sensor that beeps when you're being untrue, right?

And in one sense, there's no possible way for you to not be yourself. You're just you; the good, bad, and the phony. And so it is with me.

Still, we should all learn to recognize that special space inside...
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When You Lack Motivation, Remember This!

There are different kinds of motivation, but one particular type of motivation keeps working for you when all others fail - even when you're discouraged.

I was reminded of this recently when reading Jen Gresham’s post, 7 Unexpected Reasons You’re Not Living Up To Your Potential. The kind of motivation I’m referring to is known as intrinsic motivation. If you don’t know what it is, you’ve got to learn.

If you already know what...
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