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Note to Self: Remember How to Be YOU Today

Dear Self,

Since there is no way you can be anyone else today, remember to consciously be yourself.

Keep the following pointers in mind so that you can have the experience of being simply you.

1. Of course you will notice others and compare yourself to them. This is natural. However, you don't need to compare yourself negatively. Other people are other people. You are you. Simple.

2. Pay deeper attention to feelings....
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How to Get Through a Typical Bad Day

Today’s the day I remind myself that I am not immune from suffering.

Why should I be?

I’m a person and people suffer from time to time; sometimes for a long, long time.

Shit happens and when I find myself in the midst of it, pretending it shouldn’t be happening doesn’t help.

Most of my suffering comes not from what happens in the world outside of me, but from my childish belief that it shouldn’t be...
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Note to Self: Be Content Today by Remembering This

Dear Self:

Let's focus on these three things so that today can be full of contentment.

1. You're not Superman

Today, I am not going to change the entire world, or my entire self. I am simply a person doing my best. Instead of expecting the world, I'll expect to imperfectly get some simple things done.

Doing a few small and productive things today will keep my life moving forward. I am content...
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The Conundrum that Keeps you Attached to Manipulative Relationships

Imagine: you’re in a relationship with a manipulative person. You’re hurt and aggravated. You wonder if it would be better to leave.

But you don’t leave. Rather, you attempt to fix the problem over and over. You feel like if you can get the other to confront the issues honestly, you’ll have a chance.

In the least, you’d like some closure on your relationship history. So, you keep trying to get somewhere that makes sense.

And now you’re...
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7 Tips To Manage Stress For A Successful New Year

Guest Post by Linda Prejean

It is worth reducing stress for many reasons: Your sleep will improve and you will have more energy as you take in greater levels of harmony and balance throughout the day.

Yet, stress isn’t always bad. Studies have shown that bigger goals and greater ambition doesn’t have to mean more stress. In fact, a workaholic doesn’t necessarily get there any faster (think of the tortoise and the hare).  Some of the...
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Bad Romance Choices: 3 Reasons They Happen

Inviting the wrong person into your

It always ends up hurting. Why do people do it? It might be easy to sit in judgment of others, as if they were consciously masochistic. We might even offer up some judgmental advice. "You know you should really stop dating such jerks. You're making yourself miserable."

It might not be that simple.

Relatively few people are consciously masochistic. The rest of us just make bad choices, over and...
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5 Reasons Smart People Have Trouble Accepting Themselves

Let’s talk about five specific struggles that people who are above average in intelligence face.

Research suggests that individuals with an IQ of 120 are brighter than 91% of the population.

This isn’t some arrogant claim. It’s a fact. And it is not the fault of the high IQ individual. That said, being smart is not an emotional advantage. People with a high IQ do not necessarily have it easy on the inside. Emotions are...
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