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Top Three Obstacles in Life Everyone Must Face

Top Obstacles in Life Not everyone consciously confronts the following three obstacles in life, but we all experience them in one way or another. In other words, if you are not consciously aware of these life obstacles, they still affect you.
1. Emotional Transition to Adulthood: Are You Lagging?
As human beings, we all mature physically from childhood to adolescence and then into adulthood, but our emotions lag behind.
~ Bernard Sumner

You know the saying: Everyone gets...
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10 Signs You Have Trust Issues and How to Begin Healing

Trust issues may be your number one obstacle to connection, warmth, and intimacy.

When you're experiencing trust issues, you cannot extend yourself, or make yourself vulnerable in relationships, which is essential to lasting success, according to experts. This post offers unmistakable signs and symptoms of trust issues and points toward their resolution.

But before we get into the 10 signs of trust issues, let’s get the bad news out of the way. The bad news about...
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Failing Toward Success: 15 Quotes About Failure that Give Hope

Reading quotes about failure can give you hope because failure is life's greatest teacher. Once we understand how normal failure is, we begin to look at it differently.

Long-term failure, even compulsive failure or self-sabotage, can be worked with. Deep failures can be turned around. Failure can be accepted and, most of all, learned from. Humility is often born of failure.

So much positive can come from failure that I took the time to...
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Shadow Work – 10 Prompts to Shine Light on the Darkness Within

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for mental health counseling.

Shadow work involves becoming aware of personal beliefs, feelings and parts of yourself that you have been long avoiding or denying.

Associated with Jungian psychology, many of us are intimidated by shadow work. We’ve been resisting these darker elements of ourselves for a reason!

Shadow work is uncomfortable. Your ego does not want to confess that, far beneath the surface,...
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13 Spot On Quotes About Narcissism

1. Wishing a narcissist would change could be your own narcissism in disguise.

2. Rushing into marriage is childhood narcissism in action.

3. The cure for narcissism is to experience your own howling pain and allow the compassion of others to soothe you. It’s not likely given how buried that pain can be.

4. You can let go of narcissists when you realize your own narcissistic reasons for attracting them in the first place.

5. Whoever loves becomes humble. Those...
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5 Steps to a Sincere Apology that Works

Most of us were taught to apologize, but did we really learn how to do it effectively?

Apologies can fall short for a lot of reasons. On your side of the equation, learning how to apologize well (with completeness) may help restore peace and connection with others.

How to apologize well involves doing five things:

1) Confess
2) Say the words: I apologize
3) Demonstrate you understand (with specifics)...
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20 Ways People Deny their Own Wrongdoing

Some of these ways to deny wrongdoing are direct denials.

Others are some are downright subtle. Still, each and every example below is an attempt to avoid responsibility.

Interestingly, denial comes so naturally to all of us. Denial doesn't take sophisticated communication skills.

In fact it seems to require no effort at all!

1. Blame someone else.

Not my fault! Someone else is the cause of my behavior.

2. Blame self.

It’s not my fault…this is how I was created,...
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What To Do When You Make Mistakes

The first step is to realize humans are mistake-making machines. This is merely a fact that has nothing to do with self-esteem.

Both high and low self-esteem individuals make similar mistakes.

Those with low self-esteem tend to self-criticize when they make mistakes. Higher self-esteem folks tend to accept mistakes as part of life.

So, don't self-criticize, if you can help it. We're all that's that.

If you cannot help but criticize yourself, then you should look into self-sabotage and...
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How To Build Confidence When You Don’t Feel Any At All

Guest post by Jessica Sweet

It was 11 o’clock on a Monday morning when the call came in and Paula’s stomach clenched. She knew who was on the other end.

She picked up the phone carefully, but she could already hear her boss yelling.

It made her want to tell her boss to stop, and set a clear, professional limit. Instead, she listened meekly. . .

Matthew sat in the conference room as everyone else battled for...
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How to Stay Focused on the Positive Without Living in Fantasy

Summary: How can you stay focused on the positive when negativity is real?

Research suggests that focusing on positive outcomes correlates with self-esteem, but it would be foolish to deny that negative outcomes are possible. What's the solution?

According to an article titled Low Self Esteem published by Simply Psychology:

Research has shown key differences between individuals with high and low self-esteem. For example, people with high self-esteem focus on growth and improvement, whereas people with low self-esteem focus...
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