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21 Characteristics of Smart, Anxious Misfits

Are you a smart, anxious misfit?

If these words describe you, then compare the qualities listed below to your life. If the majority of them are true for you, then you very well might be a super smart, somewhat anxious social misfit. This can be a good thing!

Disclaimer: This article is NOT diagnostic in nature. 'Smart, anxious misfit' is not a clinical term. It’s a term I made up, pulled out of thin air.

Why? Because I can:)...
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Closure Within Reach! A Simple Way to Finish Unfinished Business

Unfinished business consists of issues related to the past. These past experiences continue to preoccupy and affect present day choices.

Fear, discouragement, confusion, lack of purpose, and even long-standing relationship issues can be the result of unfinished business.

In other words, messages that you received about yourself or others in the past may be getting in the way of a healthy and happy present.

One effective way to finish unfinished business is to discover...
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5 Possibility Questions to Ask During Challenging Times

There’s no better time to open up to possibilities than when you are having challenges.

Today’s short post offers some questions that - if asked genuinely - will steer your mind in the direction of new options.

When you face challenges, the first thing to do is get your mind and emotions unstuck - and open to new ideas.
I hope the following questions help. They will certainly stretch your mind!
1. What if time allows me...
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Treat Me Like the Scum I Am

Wondering if, to the degree that we have self-esteem issues, we unconsciously 'invite' others to treat us accordingly.

For example, if you don't like or trust yourself, you may be less willing to contribute to conversations. You may hold back and play dumb. Does this encourage others to see you as uninformed, incompetent, uncooperative or passive?

Or, perhaps you believe you're so worthless that others could never appreciate you. So, when there are opportunities to be seen...
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A Key to Being Comfortable in your Own Skin

By Mike Bundrant of the iNLP Center

If you're not 'comfortable in your own skin', then this article may tell you what the real issue is.

Being comfortable in your own skin may be another way of saying:

I am comfortable with my own power.
If you're comfortable with your own personal power, then:
• You can express your opinions without fearing rejection
• You can set boundaries without fearing rejection
• You can direct other people,...
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Approval from Others: Good or Bad?

All else being equal, of course approval from others is good.

Why wouldn’t it be?

Someone else likes, respects or approves of you or something you did. Wonderful! That’s legit. You deserve to feel good about that. You have pleased or exceeded the expectations of another person. That’s a win. Feel great about it.

You can even take things a step further and allow validation from others to enhance your self-esteem. After all, self-esteem has some...
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Rebelling Against Yourself? Yep.

Yeah it's a little tricky, but we somehow manage to rebel against our own expectations, right?

We all know the classic image of a rebel. The guy or gal who insists on doing things his/her own way. Rebels won't be told what to do or how do it. Rebels hate authority and think for themselves!

Of course, this is a misconception. No one invites more intervention from others than a good rebel. Nobody asks for close monitoring...
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