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A Grateful Heart is a Healthy Heart

It turns out that emotions play an important role in health, according to a study released early April by the American Psychological Association.

According to their findings, both recognizing and giving thanks for every positive moment and aspect of your life improves the body both mentally and physically as shown by patients with asymptomatic heart failure.

Typically attributed to those with higher levels of spirituality, gratitude can be attributed to any number...
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3 Ways to Stop Taking Things Personally

Do people get under your skin? Do you get offended or sucked into arguments too often?

You might find greater peace of mind and confidence by refusing to take things personally. This article will show you simple and helpful ways to do just that.

What is "taking things personally"?

Taking things personally happens when you interpret feedback as if it were reflection of your personal worth.

It's true, some comments may be about your...
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Two Reasons You May Not Feel You Deserve Happiness

When all the psychological smoke is clear, there remain only a couple of reasons why many of us feel undeserving of happiness.

1. You've been treated poorly by others in the past (including your parents). Because of this poor treatment, you concluded that you do not deserve to be treated well. Additionally, you do not treat yourself well, which leads to unhappiness.

2. You've violated your own moral values and hurt others...
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7 Things Emotionally Healthy People Do

If what you're doing isn't working, look to others for a better example.

How happy are you with your emotional health? If you could stand to function better emotionally, look to what emotionally healthy people tend to do. Use this list as a resource to highlight areas to focus on in your own life.

According to experts around the web, emotionally health people tend to do the following:
1. They are capable of understanding and expressing their...
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If I Speak Up, Bad Things Will Happen

There you are in conversation, holding back.

Of course you see the opportunities to share your opinions, ask questions and be heard. But what if you do speak up and someone gets offended? What if they ignore you? Worse, what if you make a total fool of yourself?

Keep quiet. That's the safest route.

Now, the safe route has problems of it's own. For one, you end up agreeing by default with things that you really don't...
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4 Benefits of Understanding your Core Values

Core values are concepts that fuel your decisions and motivation.

They are words like: health, freedom, security, love, relationships, trust, fun, adventure and so forth.

We turn these concepts into values when they are important enough to have a significant and consistent influence over our behaviors and decisions.

If you value health, then your actions will be aligned with preserving health. If you don’t value health that much, then your behaviors will be less likely to preserve...
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Six Most Shared Happiness Articles of the Last 12 Months

I thought it would be interesting to use 's new content explorer to find the most shared happiness articles in the last 12 months.

This cool new search engine identifies the web's top content based on quantity of social media shares.

There are some real gems in here. If you're in pursuit of happiness, you'll want to check these out. FYI of the top 20 articles, I chose the top six that had to do with personal...
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15 Signs of Emotional Masochism

By Mike Bundrant of the iNLP Center. Disclaimer: By writing this article, I do not suggest that what I am calling emotional masochism is necessarily a conscious choice.

I also do not claim that it is anyone’s fault. I believe it may be part of human nature with origins that pre-date the average person’s conscious awareness.

In my experience, becoming aware of emotionally masochistic tendencies for what they are is a rare phenomenon, even though such tendencies appear to be common.

Defined as the enjoyment of what appears to be painful or tiresome, masochism seems quite a stretch for most people.
How can one possibly find pleasure in pain?
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How to Let Someone Love You: 10 Key Insights

Have you realized that you need to consciously allow another person to love you?

If you’re not used to being loved, your default position may be to push people away. For example, a reader recently wrote:

I got really close to someone, then I did what I always do, I found the nearest exit and sprinted away to the single life.

Been doing this forever. As soon as the other person really loves me, I fight, flee or freeze.

In my family, I never felt good enough and always failed to make my parents proud. Feeling unloved and trusting very few people, I find it's easier to stand alone.

Vulnerability goes against my grain, so when I do fall in love, I never let it last long. For the life of me, I can’t let someone love me!
How do you stop resisting and allow someone to love you?
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