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20 Things Bad Parents Might Say
If They Confessed…

When adult children confront their parents, they are often met with blame and excuses. The sad irony is that most adult children with the consciousness to reconcile only want an apology so they can move on.

The reality is that most people need to learn to accept and let go of the past in spite of the ongoing poor relationship with parents. This is not easy, but can be done if you...
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Chronic Loneliness, Like Stress, Taxes the Immune System

Lonely people produce more inflammation-related proteins in response to acute stress than those who feel socially connected, according to a recent study. In other words, living in a state of loneliness is similar to living in a state of chronic stress.

Of course, we all know that chronic stress is associated with, a number of life-threatening conditions, including coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, arthritis and Alzheimer's disease.

Lisa Jaremka, of the Institute for Behavioral Medicine...
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15 Shocking Things Your Unconscious Mind Might Be Saying

Reader beware: As you read this article, you are likely to experience a smoke screen of defenses designed by your ego to keep you in the dark. Those defenses might be:

Anger, disbelief, mirth, shame, confusion, blame, fear, intellectual scorn, emotional paralysis, self-criticism, other criticism, a numb feeling, a stupor of thought and so on.

If you can get past the smoke and mirrors of your ego and see more deeply...

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Out of Control Use of
Anti-Depressants in the UK

I’m wondering if I am losing my eyesight or my mind here, but the United Kingdom appears to be out of control in its use of anti-depressant medication.

The Guardian reports that anti-depressant use is up 25% in the UK, with million prescriptions.

Science Daily reports 46 million prescriptions for anti-depressants meds in the UK.

Google Public Data shows the population of the United Kingdom rounding to 63 million.

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Buyer Beware! Study Shows Wanting Stuff is More Pleasurable than Having it

Wondering why your appetite for more “things” seems insatiable? A study to be published in the June 2013 Journal of Consumer Research confirms that people tend to find greater pleasure in wanting things vs. having things. "Thinking about acquisition provides momentary happiness boosts to materialistic people, and because they tend to think about acquisition a lot, such thoughts have the potential to provide frequent mood boosts. But the positive emotions associated with acquisition are short-lived," said study author Marsha L. Richins. She continued, "Materialists are more likely to overspend and have credit problems, possibly because they believe that acquisitions will increase their happiness and change their lives in meaningful ways." Let’s talk about how this happens, then move on to the mystery of why people repeatedly convince themselves that they must have something, and then lose interest in it soon after purchase.
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Shocking: The Damage Chronic Anger Does to your Body

Chronic anger is so damaging to your body that it may out rank smoking, obesity and a high-fat diet as a risk factor for chronic disease and early death. Worse, no one seems to know what to do with it. You shouldn't suppress anger, say some, as that only enhances the physical damage. You shouldn't vent it either, say others, as that only enhances the physical damage! Anger is maddening. While the jury is out deliberating how to deal with it, anger is wreaking havoc among the inhabitants of planet earth. Below I have listed some of the effects of chronic or repressed anger. Most of these are scientifically researched, with references provided. At the end of this article I briefly discuss the best treatment for anger of all types, in my experience.
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