The Alchemist Approach to Social Anxiety – Free Mini Course

Do you suffer through life with social anxiety?

If so, I’m interested in teaching you - at no charge - a new protocol I am developing called The Alchemist Approach to Social Anxiety.

I suffer, too - and always have. It’s the one issue that, in spite of all my training and years of personal work, has remained a constant in my life.

And I am so grateful that it has. I no longer wish to...
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Balderdash! 3 Positive Thinking Myths You Need to Let Go

You must not allow yourself to dwell for a single moment on any kind of negative thought.
-Emmet Fox

Call me crazy, but I think the above quote from an early leader in the positive thinking movement is horrible advice  - for two reasons:

1. It's not possible.
2. Given that it's a set up for failure (by way of reason #1), it may lead you straight into self-critical (negative) thoughts.

Sometimes I think the greatest contribution to...
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The Lifestyle that Correlates with Higher Anxiety

While you might be working or relaxing after a long day of sitting, this increase in the sedentary lifestyle is starting to cause quite the uproar among mental health researchers.

As humans, it’s our natural drive to want to move all the time, if only because our ancestors were always on the go. Access to chairs, beds and sofas is an opportunity to give in to sheer laziness more often...
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A Balanced Diet Means a Balanced Mind

Recently, the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research completed a study on the research, importance and future of nutritional psychiatry.

Their conclusion was, understandably, entirely positive, citing research that has provided evidence that a good diet leads to a healthy mind. In fact, nutrition is quickly becoming an accepted way doctors are dealing with issues like depression.

To those that eat healthy, this really comes as no surprise.

After all, the body requires vitamins and minerals...
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Common Vitamin May Help Depression According to Research

It is currently known that vitamin C is involved in neurotransmitter synthesis, as well as being a key part of dopamine conversion into nor-epinephrine, a chemical that is vital to mood regulation, among other key chemical reactions in the body.

In a recently published study, researchers have found a positive correlation between vitamin C intake and effectively treating depression.

With this information in mind, the team of researchers wanted to find evidence that taking the...
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Your Favorite Fear: A Novel Approach to Healing Anxiety

What is a favorite fear?

It’s your most familiar and most automatic fear reaction. A favorite fear is your mind and body’s pre-programmed response to specific situations.

Favorite fears are learned early on in life when you had no conscious choice. Therefore, they can feel like they are part of your makeup as a person. This also makes favorite fears seem impossible to let go.

Favorite fears are part of what I call psychological attachments. Even...
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Three Inner Conflicts that Can Halt your Progress in Life

Nothing puts the brakes on in life like inner conflict.

If  you've got it going on, you'll sit on the fence - unhappily and forever.

There are many expressions that refer to inner conflict:

• Sitting on the fence
• Being of two minds
• Having one foot in each camp
• A house divided
• On the and hand, this. On the other hand, that.
• Having mixed feelings

Bottom line: If you're in conflict, you are stuck. It's almost as...
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Negative Future Perception and the Vicious Cycle of Depression

Though the future is impossible to predict, it is easy to imagine.

This is the heart of depression in a theory devised by Ann Marie Roepke and Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania.

After an extended review of literature on prospection (your mental perspective of the future), and depression, they found that the perception of negative futures can trigger depression.

Negative beliefs, poor evaluations of the future, as well as limited thinking about the future all contribute...
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Roseroot Herb May Stave Off Depression

As more and natural herbs are evaluated for depression treatment, one has recently shown extraordinary promise.

In a recent study performed by the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, a total of 57 adults that exhibited signs of depression were brought together.

After being split into three groups, they received medicine for 12 weeks. One received a placebo, one Rhodiola rosea (roseroot) and the final got sertraline. On roseroot, the adults had times...
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