5 Minerals that Fight Depression

You are what you eat, and this principle applies to your mood.

If you feed your body what it needs to survive, it can sustain a much happier outlook than when it’s continually craving something it’s not getting. If you tend to feel depressed, you may want to discuss with your healthcare practitioner the research behind the following five minerals.
1. Chromium
As a trace mineral, chromium is really only needed in small amounts, however if...
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Three Simple Steps to Melt your Worries

It's easy to dismiss a worrier. Oh, stop worrying so much. Nothing bad is happening.

What we miss when we give this banal advice is this: Worrying is extremely uncomfortable. To the one with the worries, stopping would be a welcome relief! Besides, most of the time a worrier already knows, logically, that there is often nothing to worry about.

To stop irrational worry, it might be helpful to redirect your attention in the following way.
Get grounded...
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4 Scientific Studies that Show Music Decreasing Stress and Promoting Healing

Music therapy is becoming increasingly popular in the medical community, and is being used as an important part of palliative care, Alzheimer’s and dementia treatment, and even in the NICU.

This is because music has been proven time and time again to have a beneficial effect on both the body and the mind. In the five scientific studies listed below, music has been shown not only to reduce psychological stress, but to promote healing as well.
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6 Effects of Long-Term Stress on Your Body

Everyone experiences stress at various points in life. In fact, having some stress is healthy for both your body and mind.

However, prolonged stress can be harmful to both your mental and physical health.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, stress can be both external (caused by pain, exposure to heat or cold, or the psychological environment) or internal (caused by illness, injury, or internal psychological factors).
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4 Benefits of Understanding your Core Values

Core values are concepts that fuel your decisions and motivation.

They are words like: health, freedom, security, love, relationships, trust, fun, adventure and so forth.

We turn these concepts into values when they are important enough to have a significant and consistent influence over our behaviors and decisions.

If you value health, then your actions will be aligned with preserving health. If you don’t value health that much, then your behaviors will be less likely to preserve...
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Six Most Shared Happiness Articles of the Last 12 Months

I thought it would be interesting to use 's new content explorer to find the most shared happiness articles in the last 12 months.

This cool new search engine identifies the web's top content based on quantity of social media shares.

There are some real gems in here. If you're in pursuit of happiness, you'll want to check these out. FYI of the top 20 articles, I chose the top six that had to do with personal...
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