How to Get a Verbal Abuser to Stop Abusing You

Getting a verbal abuser to stop abusing you is one of those topics that is simple and complicated at the same time.

On the simple side of the matter, it's pretty clear. ZERO VERBAL ABUSE. That's the rule. Whoever cannot keep that rule does not have a place in your life. Done.

If you abuse me, you don't get to be with me, period. Simple!

One the more complicated side of getting a verbal abuser...
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Hemp Oil: An ‘Essential’ Remedy for Depression

Pharmaceuticals are often the first line of defense against depression, yet they don’t work for everyone, or may have side effects that are worse than the initial problem.

Some of us must turn to natural sources and make the best of what nature can provide. Fortunately, there is a lot we can do for depression, especially when you realize how much your brain needs essential fatty acids.

An up and comer in natural mental...
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News and Research

Over the Counter Pain Medication Kills Empathy

There are many people who turn to Tylenol daily for chronic pain in America. But did you know that by taking this pill for pain, you could potentially be stifling your ability to feel empathy for others?

Our ability to feel empathy is extremely important, especially when it comes to parenting and family life.

If we can’t take the time to imagine how someone else is feeling, and really put ourselves in their shoes,...
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Three Tips for People Who Grew Up with Non-Supportive Parents

Some parents really are loving, supportive, communicative and wise.

Other parents lack basic communication skills and honestly don't care about their children. Many parents fall somewhere in between.

Still, other parents are supportive and loving as long as their children go along with their agenda.

This can work as long as the kids are interested in becoming what their parents want them to be. Otherwise, it's hardly fair.

If you land into adulthood with a feeling that...
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Unexpected Way to Handle Unfortunate Circumstances Gracefully

Regular exercise has an endless list of health benefits, but did you know that there are mental benefits to working out?

There are many people who exercise as a way to deal with the stresses of life, and feel that their time at the gym is a time spent reflecting on life and that it helps them “sort things out” in their minds.

But many of us don’t realize that there are lasting mental benefits...
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Homework Detrimental to Elementary Age Children?

Guest Post by Courtney Blair

As a child, the memories that I carry about doing homework are not particularly pleasant. I don’t remember being excited about it, on the contrary I really disliked it.

My younger brother, at the young age of six, used to immediately throw his homework in the trash when he’d get home from school to avoid doing it altogether.

So as you can imagine, we were not exactly cooperative...
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Meditation – A Cure for Loneliness?

Ask anyone who has been meditating for more than a year and they will likely tell you that this was one of the best decisions that they have made in their lives.

But before would-be meditators get hooked on the wonderful benefits of practice, there are a sea of objections, hesitations, and queries that may keep them from finding that wonderful calm.

One of the obstacles may be that meditation seems like such a lonely...
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How Anxiety Causes You To See the World Differently

It is common to believe that different thoughts and emotional states will affect the way you experience the world. Researchers have discovered that this is the case with anxiety.

Individuals who suffer from anxiety see the world differently and this may have some bearing on the degree to which they are susceptible to suffer from anxiety in the first place.

One study's main discovery has been that those who suffer from anxiety find...
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