3 Tips for Dealing with Worst-Case-Scenario Thinking

Do worst-case scenarios constantly run through your mind like polluted streams of consciousness?

You're not alone.

Imagining how things can go wrong is actually self-protective. Thank goodness we have the ability to foresee potential problems. We couldn't exist very well without it.

What happens, however, when our self-protective instinct goes haywire?

We end up forecasting failure and disaster, worrying constantly about things breaking bad. If this is the case with you, here are some tips to help you through worst-case-scenario...
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Eliminate this Word to Make Life Smoother

Even the simplest language patterns can be powerful.

Why not try this little experiment for a day to discover how much smoother your life goes?

Stop saying the word but. One day. No buts.


Because using the word but does two things to make life rougher:

1. Using but tends to negate everything said prior (whether you intend to negate or not).

word but supports a feeling of inner conflict (whether appropriate or not).

For example:

I love you, but you...
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Super Simple Conversation Starting Strategy for Introverts

This isn't just a one line conversation starter.

As an NLP practitioner, I'd prefer to offer a strategy that you can use over and over in various situations.

If you're shy, introverted or even a smart-anxious-misfit, you may find relief by committing this simple strategy to memory, keeping your eyes open, and following it.

Before spilling the beans, let's remember one important thing: average, non-socially anxious people love to talk about themselves.

I don't mean...
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Navigating Your Side, My Side and the Truth

Like most people, if I had a buck for every time I argued over what's true, I'd have a barn full of bills.

The reality is, most of us mistake "the truth" for our individual points of view.

When we say things like:

You're mean.
That's impossible.
You should do X, Y or Z.

We're really saying:

I experience you as mean.
That's impossible for me (or according to me).
Based on my individual experience, you should do X, Y or Z.

Rarely do we...
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Do You Hate Talking about your Anxiety?

Of course you want to put a lid on your anxiety. Stuff it back down where it came from. You do NOT want to talk about your anxiety, to open up. But why not?

Because you fear talking about it might somehow empower your anxiety - make it more real - and you do not want it to get any stronger, go out of control and completely take over your life.

Besides, if people only...
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Coaching and Therapy

Are Life Coaches Worth It? How to Know…

Are life coaches worth the investment?

Since your insurance will not cover life coaching, you'll need to pay out of pocket. Most life coaches charge between $200-500 per month.

If you've got the budget, asking yourself if life coaches are worthy of such an investment is a fair question.

The answer, of course, is not a simple yes or no. "Worth" is a subjective concept. Therefore, you should become very clear in your criteria...
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Mental Health Nutrition

Polyphenols (Found in Certain Foods) and Their Impact on Mental Health

What we eat has everything to do with all aspects of our health, but little realize that what we eat directly affects our mental health as well.

Your mother always told you to eat your veggies, and that it would make you grow up to be big and strong, but did you know that you may be contributing to your own depression by not consuming enough vegetables?

Of course there are many factors...
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Mental Health Nutrition

Dietary Supplement Phosphatidylserine May Stimulate Neurotransmitters for Mood

It should come as no surprise that anxiety and depression rates are running rampant in America, for a large number of reasons. People definitely are not incorporating nature into their lives as much as they should be, and their diets are also high in trans fats and refined sugars, which wreaks havoc on the body. Many are taking prescription after prescription to no avail.

Some find that even after strict lifestyle changes,...
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Dietary Supplement Curcumin May Actually Fight Off Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline is something that many of us worry about, whether it’s due to genetics and dealing with family members who have suffered, or because we have been impacted by someone else dealing with it.

But according to some new research, the answer may lie in curcumin, a dietary supplement that is already renowned for so many health benefits.

According to an article titled “Turmeric: Doctors Say This Spice Is a Brain Health Breakthrough”...
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