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Love and Romance

A Realistic Portrait of Married Life: ‘The Kids Are All Right’ (2010)

The primary love relationship in The Kids Are All Right (2010), though between two women, is one of the more realistic cinematic portraits of a successful if flawed "marriage" of long-standing. Nic (Academy Award nominee Annette Benning) and Jules (Julianne Moore) own a home and have reared two kids together, each one bearing a child from the same sperm donor.  The partners bicker and snipe, show affection and resentment, worry together over their children and try to support one another financially and emotionally.  Like every successful marriage, this one has its ups and down, sustained through the most challenging moments by love, loyalty and a satisfying sex life.
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‘The King’s Speech’ (2010) and the Psychotherapy Relationship

photo credit: zsoolt From the beginning of their relationship, when Lionel insists that no child begins to speak with a stammer, asking Bertie what he believes to be the cause of his speech impediment, he makes clear that this treatment at the heart of The King's Speech (2010) will focus on psychological rather than purely mechanical issues. Based on his experience with shell-shocked World War I vets, Lionel understands that speech impediments usually have psychogenic roots.  Likewise, he understands that improvement in the symptoms depends upon a certain therapeutic relationship, the terms of which he takes pains to establish from the outset.
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