Let Go of Truth

Truth is moment-specific (reality updates itself non-stop).

Truth is mind-specific (mind is fundamentally subjective and so are its proclamations of truth).

Let go of truth (and open up to what so inexpressibly...
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Reading the Book of Life Out of Sequence

A Pattern Break # 888

It's possible that each of us is not just born but is given an entire life all at once - not just a first page of existence but an entire book of it. But, for perceptual reasons, we approach this life in a temporally sequential manner - that is, reading the pages of time in sequence (1, 2, this moment, then the next ), thus creating a sense of time...
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Talking Heads & Monkey Minds

A few pattern-interruption points from Talking Heads (from 1984):
"There is a finite number of jokes in the universe."

"There is no music in space."

"Cats like houses better than people."

"Schools are for training people how to listen to other people."

"Violence on television only affects children whose parents act like television personalities."

"Table manners are for people who have nothing to do."

"Civilization is a religion."

"People will remember you better if always wear the same outfit."

"In the future we will all drive standing up."

"Adults think with their...
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Rivers of Becoming

Hermanne Hesse, "Siddhartha"
Find yourself a river to meditate on. The rest will come.

What, no river nearby?!

Look inside: it runs right through you.

Spend a contemplative moment on the (meta-cognitive) riverbank of Being

as you witness the River of Becoming flow on without you.

"The river is everywhere at the same time, at the source and at the the ocean and in the mountains, everywhere, and that the present only exists for it, not the...
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Psychology of a Mistake

I did my best… I did my best!

Dane Cook, comedian
The phrase “to make a mistake” implies purposive, conscious, planned action. That’s utterly inaccurate: there are no intentional mistakes, no one consciously sets out to fail.

When we fail on purpose, when we make a mistake by design, we are actually succeeding with some kind of covert plan. Therefore, even an act of conscious sabotage isn’t a mistake (to you) even if takes the form of...
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