Tools That We Are

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dolphincrpdLife in the Universe is a norm. Technology, however, is an exception. Our planet, as a sample of species, shows that most of the species are adapted well enough to their environment to not require any extensive technology. For example, dolphins, as cultural and psychological as they may be, require no tools. Our own use of tools has emerged out of a deficit of adaptation. Tool-use emerged as an extension of a body that found itself too incomplete to exist/operate “as is.”

So, my point is this: most of life evolves non-technologically. Life itself is a tool of adaptation. Each organism (organon) is a good enough tool as is. Technology emerges as a desperate attempt to bridge a deficit of organism-based adaptation. Homo Habilis (and the mess of the civilization that came with tool-use) has roots in failure of body-based adaptation. Tool-using mind is a band-aid on the body of evolution.

Put differently, evolution of technology is a mistake of biological evolution.  So, enjoy the technology, Google-Glass-wearing Homo Habilis, but don’t let it go to your head too much.

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