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Pattern-Bound? Take a Detour.

Purpose: a dose of pattern-interruption for the minds-on-the-go.

Format: five pattern-interruption thoughts to wake you up.

Here we go:

1. Kindness is a willingness to be inconvenienced.

2. Whenever your nervous system learns all of the known false alarms, you will know bliss.

3. Time isn’t money.  Time is...
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Ordinary Perfection

The Hadza Zen

We used to live all day, every day, non-stop; now we work and wait, work and wait, as we live for the weekend. We used to forage and hunt, now we gather information.  Here's a glimpse of the Hadza Zen, a glimpse of your past, Informational Hunter-Gatherer.     Who are the Hadza? Location: northern Tanzania; "About a thousand Hadza live in their traditional homeland, a broad plain encompassing shallow, salty Lake Eyasi... Genetic testing indicates that they represent one of the primary roots of the human family tree - perhaps more than 100,000 years old." Language: "not closely related to any other [language] that still exists"
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A Namaste of Metabolic Interdependence

All life distinguishes “inside” from “outside,” i.e.  “self” from “non-self.” This is the fundamental duality (fundamental distinction, fundamental sapience/wisdom, fundamental bias) that all life operates on.  Life is self-serving, partial to self.  It views its own self as a subject and all else as “other,” as “environment,” as “objects.”  All life objectifies other life as “environment” (to use and to eat, and/or to flee from so as to not become used by it, so as to not be eaten by it). All life is fundamentally unfair to other life, that is, until it enlightens to its inevitable interdependence and, on a higher level, to its essential sameness. We begin with adaptively-intense dualism of self/non-self.  We start out in a highly self-centered (ego-centric) manner.  It makes sense: we are helpless and scared; so we have to think in a highly conservative manner.  This developmentally early us/them dualism is there to protect us.  We take no prisoners: the world is polarized into black and white.  “You are either with us or against us” is the mentality that underlies our socializing.  We socialize not for fun but for protection, we group into cliques, we circle the wagons.  We are busy surviving. 
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Mindful Eating: Open Your Mind Before You Open Your Mouth

The Root of the Living Matter

Basavanna, a 12th century Virasaiva saint-poet wrote:

“The root is the mouth of the tree: pour water there at the bottom and, look, it sprouts green at the top.”

Animals – humans included – are, in essence, trees on wheels, trees on legs, we are mobile plant-life.  So, our root is on top, where the mouth is.  Pour in water up there, stuff that mouth up there with food and, look, body sprouts at the bottom.

Just like...
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