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Lotus Effect: Identity Detox

Mind’s Footprints

Impossible to open your mouth without stepping on the toes of the paradox! 

Mind's footprints are everywhere as mind follows its own tracks, leading, following, misleading, rebelling, seeking ever new doors only to linger in the  

Conclude: you are not your mind; you are not the cognitive-affective-sensory mindprints in the sands of your consciousness; you are not your own footprints; you are that which leads, which breathes, which motivates, which 

But what is that?! 

Good question (answers...
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Lotus Effect: Identity Detox

You Aren’t What’s Changing, You Are What Remains the Same

In Kafka’s story The Metamorphosis, first published in 1915, the protagonist’s body turns into a cockroach.  But that’s not the point.  The point is that nothing else changes.  The protagonist (and his neuroticism) remains the same. This is the irony of change.  Change happens on the backdrop of the changeless.  As the body ages, to a large extent we still feel the same inside.  As the body ages, the gap between our physical age and how old we feel inside seems to continually widen.  Why not listen to this sense of internal sameness? 
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Lotus Effect: Identity Detox

Doubt Your Doubt!

Sometimes I come across a piece of psychological thinking that is so clarifying, illuminating, enriching, and laconic  that I feel instantly compelled to share it.  This happens often, in fact. For example, it happened tonight when I read a January 22nd blog-post by Lama Surya Das, entitled Deep Questioning.  I encourage you to read his piece on being questioned and questioning yourself: it amounts to no less than a senior year of graduate-level counseling training (in value, not in duration). His blog post took me back to a moment when – about a year ago, during an encounter with Lama Surya Das in Pittsburgh – I pointed a finger at him and “fired” an irreverent koan: “Who is this?”
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Lotus Effect: Identity Detox

Limitations of Mirroring

[a self-mirroring meditation] [L]ooking in the mirror is [...] one of the most important philosophical acts we perform on ourselves daily. Antonio De Nicholas, Four-Dimensional Man: Mediations Through Rg Veda Water was the original mirror.  But being dynamic water had no surface regularity to offer a consistent reflection.  Let’s learn from that. Get a large skillet or a cookie sheet and fill it with water.  Place it on the kitchen counter and wait for the water to settle.  Now look down into this liquid mirror to see the reflection of your face.  Get real close to the surface of this mirror.  Face to face with your reflection.  Notice: your breathing affects the reflecting surface.  Or maybe, a strand of your hair falls right into the plane of reflection.  Maybe, as you position your hands on each side of the counter to stabilize yourself, you will send a shiver of ripples through the water’s surface. 
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Lotus Effect: Identity Detox

Un-mind to Un-wind

"There’s only one way out of prison, which is to set your jailer free." (B. Grebenschikov) Mind is its own hostage. Each identity schema, each self-concept, each self-description is both an adaptation and a handicap. The very anchors that helped you feel grounded may now hold you down with all the weight of their historical usefulness. Yes, mind is its own hostage.  But mind is also its own search-and-rescue.  Take a look at what of what you are is no longer you… There is still time left this weekend.  Un-mind to un-wind.  Re-cognize* your Self (non-verbally, non-conceptually) to re-lax.  Ask yourself: "Who am I?"  and ignore the thought-answers
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Lotus Effect: Identity Detox

American Am-ness

Some thoughts prompted by the divisive (i.e. dualistic, dichotomous, all-or-nothing) rhetoric and the Chinese visit… The real threat to America (as I see it through my limited mind-lens) is not an economical one or a geopolitical one but a psychological one, not from outside but from within. America is undergoing a major loss of identity.  We used to think that we are 1st-this and 1st-that.  And now we are learning that we aren’t.  Well, the fact of the matter is, that we never were any particular “this” or any particular “that.”   We – American consciousness, collectively, and American minds, individually, (as consciousness and minds anywhere) – are beyond simplistic objectification.
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Ordinary Perfection

DJs of Timelessness

Timelessness isn't when time stops. Timelessness is when you stop paying attention to time. Trance music is a good choice to facilitate a sense of timelessness. Trance typically doesn’t have lyrics: it doesn’t pump semantic information into your mind. When you follow lyrics, you are participating in a memory, rather than participating in the present. Memory is a distraction from what is. Trance is structurally progressive: it carries you forward with ever changing increments of melody and avoids the repetitive, looping quality of non-trance music. Trance tracks are continuously remixed which preempts any expectation sets. The tracks are long and seamlessly stitched together.
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Choice Awareness Training

Ego is a Memory

See the dog chasing its tail?

That’s easy.
See the tail chasing the dog?
That’s still easy.
Here’s the hard one:
You chasing your own “I.”

Ego is a memory.
Forget it.


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Mindful Eating: Open Your Mind Before You Open Your Mouth

What’s Your First 2011 Eating Experience?

What's your first eating experience in 2011?

My first 2011 eating moment: a (tennis-ball sized) turnip in my hand  (good enough for throwing, good enough for eating); imperfectly spherical (like a weathered, scuffed polyurethane skateboard wheel) with white and purple “tread,” still cold (out of the fridge); with stinging subtle sweetness, texture of a very unripe Bosc pear.  I think I’ll have another one and make a breakfast out of this root.  Who knows, I might just feel rooted...
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