The human body is a “treasure-trove” of vibrations (1).   “After all, our hearts beat, our lungs oscillate, we shiver when we are cold, we sometimes snore, we can hear and speak because our eardrums and larynges vibrate.  The light waves which permit us to see entail vibration.  We move by oscillating our legs.  We cannot even say “vibration” properly without the tip of the tongue oscillating… Even the atoms of which we are constituted vibrate.” (2).

In sum: no vibration, no communication.

But what is vibration?  Vibration is a function of periodicity, a result of “a pattern […] that repeats itself over and over again.” (1).

As I look back at the periodicity of my own thoughts over the last five or so years, I see one and the same mind-pattern, the idea of “ordinary perfection,” the realization that perfection is not only attainable but is inevitable, the compassionate realization that everyone (without exception!) is doing the best that they can at any given point in time.  This line of thought has been both personally sobering and professionally catalytic. If a human mind is a lake of consciousness, I’ve been busy skipping thoughts of “ordinary perfection” one after another, like pebbles, trying to start up a rippling brainstorm of self-acceptance.

Today, June 3, 2010, thanks to New Harbinger Publications, my opus-to-date, Present Perfect, is finally out.  This private vibe of “ordinary perfection” is finally made public.  I feel a great sense of relief.  This strange meme that “perfection is not only attainable but is inevitable” has to no longer depend on the vibrations of my larynx.  I can now shut up for a while and let the word-pebbles of the book ruffle up the placid lake of cultural consciousness.

Vibe’s finally on it’s own.  I hope to see you on the other side of this ripple effect.

Be well.




Self-Acceptance Manifesto


Vibrations and Waves, A.P. French

Vibration, R. E. D. Bishop



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From Psych Central's website:
PsychCentral (June 3, 2010)

From Psych Central's website:
Rethink Perfection | 360 Degrees of Mindful Living (April 18, 2014)

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