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Scent of Civility (Mindfulness)?

The April 2010 issue of Popular Science reports on recent research by Brigham Young University psychologist Dr. Katie Liljenquist, who shows that people “act more civil in an area spritzed with lemon-scented Windex.” While the article proposes that “scent could help businesses promote ethical behavior,” I wonder if, perhaps, this kind of use of scent could also facilitate mindful eating. 
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Build Your Self First Before You Argue With It

If you a reader of mine, you’ve heard me say that “not all craving control strategies are created equal.”  I still stand by that.  But here’s  a related thought.  The less potent strategies (such as self-talk) can be leveraged in utility as your sense of self crystallizes in time. Here’s what I mean.  Some of us have not yet developed a particularly firm sense of self: the self-structure is a little fuzzy so to say, not enough informational-conceptual ego.  If you are getting easily flooded with emotions, if you happen to recognize yourself in the Borderline Personality Disorder diagnostic criteria, such craving control strategies as self-talk are a bit premature.  To put it bluntly, you just don’t have a firm enough self to argue with yourself (because that’s what self-talk is, a kind of inner dialogue, a tug-of-war between the wise mind and the not-so-wise mind).  Self-talk is a bit too destabilizing, defragmenting for a self that is not neurotic enough to argue with itself.
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