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Mindful Eating: Skillpower, not Willpower

For most of us, eating is a mindless, unconscious, reactive, compulsive, automatic, mechanical, thoughtless, habitual, hand-to-mouth activity.  We are, in a manner of speaking, eating “zombies.”  The overarching goal of the Mindful-not-Mouthful approach is to awaken and to re-program the eating “zombie” with a new habit of paying attention to:

-          External ( environmental) factors that trigger you to start and stop eating;

-          Internal (physiological and/or psychological) factors that trigger you to start or stop eating;

-          Process of eating. 

Put differently, the habit of...
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Trigger Desensitization: Why Fear Your Favorite Foods?

In "Eating the Moment" I distinguish two broad approaches for dealing with environmentally-triggered eating:  trigger control and craving control.   There's a big difference between these two approaches and quite a bit of nuance within each of these approaches.

Trigger control helps you avoid triggers that provoke your cravings as well as to reduce their trigger power through a process of desensitization.  Craving control helps you manage the cravings once they arise. 

These two approaches are complimentary:  to get across the temptation land-mines without...
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