Blu. The world's only flightless macaw? Or......

I don’t talk about birds as much on this blog as I do in other places where I write. But all that is about to change, because recently, I saw the movie “Rio”.

About a dozen times.

Featuring a tame blue macaw named Blu, the movie is less about its overt plot to mate the last male and female blue macaws together to save the species, and more about the transformative power of relationships to make the unimaginable possible.

In Blu’s case, his issue is flying. He can’t. Or so he thinks. Then Blu gets captured, chained to Jewel, a blue macaw who can fly, and, well, you know what comes next.

Or maybe you don’t.

What actually happens next is that Blu tries to convince Jewel he is a flightless ostrich. Then, still chained to Jewel, he jumps off a cliff, lands on a parasailer, gets over-confident, jumps off the parasail and almost gets himself and Jewel killed. Then he walks or hitches rides the rest of the way from the forest to the city of Rio, where they find a helpful canine to remove the chain linking Blu and Jewel together.

After which Blu continues to walk, gets recaptured…..falls out of the back of an airplane….

He’s the original avian disaster.

Blu doesn’t find his wings until the motivation to do so is so strong that he no longer perceives flying as a choice, but as a necessity.

I won’t spoil it for you (okay, I’ve probably already done that) but the motivation he finds that is powerful enough to pull him through his belief that he CAN’T into the reality that he CAN is love.

Today’s Takeaway: What belief systems are getting in the way of your reality? What would be a powerful enough motivator to help you become willing to challenge those belief systems?



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    Last reviewed: 5 Dec 2011

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