The Beast Is Back: Depression Part II

By Erica Loberg

shutterstock_200321435It has almost been over a week on my new antidepressant and it’s getting easier to open the pill box and take it. Not perfect, but I’m trying. I skipped a couple days which I know is bad but I waffled on taking the whole thing to begin with so I needed to take baby steps. However, this week I was more diligent about keeping a daily routine of taking them and did my best to fight the feel I get when I have to open the box. The stupidest thing I did was look up all the side effects. I prefer not to know.

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Lunch With No Hot Sauce

By Erica Loberg

shutterstock_78443332Well, I started taking a new medication for depression. So far, so good, until bam, lunch with no hot sauce. I was at lunch with a new coworker and was trying to put hot sauce on my sandwich and my hands started shaking. Everyone at work knows I’m bipolar which causes me to be paranoid to begin with. Now I have new medication with new side effects. I quickly put my sandwich down and hoped that my coworker hadn’t noticed but, quite frankly, what would anyone say to me in that situation. I stared at the hot sauce and frowned.

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The Beast Is Back: Depression

By Erica Loberg

shutterstock_159385295The beast is back. I had a good run though, and I’m not sure how it happened. Well, that’s a lie. My environment hasn’t been the healthiest one. I keep running into my ex, which is terrible cause things did not end on the most amicable terms. I am really burned out at my job and have had other external factors to play into the beast. The beast: Depression.

I’ve spent the last couple weekends finding it hard to leave my bed. Not my place, my bed, which is way worse. I finally broke down and made the call to see my psychiatrist before our scheduled appointment.

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Sex and Baseball: Running Bases Then and Now

By Erica Loberg

shutterstock_188934989When I was growing up, when it came to sex, running the bases were as follows:

  1. First Base: Kissing
  2. Second Base: Being felt up if you’re a girl; getting a hand job of you’re a boy
  3. Third Base: Oral sex
  4. Home: Sex

Today, things have changed, and most of these changes are due to advancements in technology. Kids now a days are not only having sex at a younger age, but their journey toward crossing home base has changed. As technology continues to flourish the playing field has become drastically advanced, and the privatizations of sexual acts are open to people’s vulnerability, and more public exchanges of sexual behaviors. Mild foreplay to get to home base is out. Here is an example of a modern day look at running bases through the power of technology:

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ABC’S “Scandal” and Mental Illness in the White House

By Erica Loberg

A recent episode of ABC’S Scandal featuring the First Lady of the United States Millie Grant (played by Bellamy Young) showed the First Lady suffering severe depression. One scene entails her sitting at the White House in a robe, no makeup, no pearls, and eating fried chicken. She had previously exhibited odd behavior in earlier episodes, however, in this particular scene sheer depression took center stage in the plot line and the audience got a chance to see how even the wife of the President suffers from depression. It was refreshing. Most current political dramas lack a look into the sadness and struggles one undergoes when depression takes hold, however, here we have a woman enduring pain for multiple reasons.

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12 Signs of Sexual Depression

By Erica Loberg

signs-sexual-depressionDepression manifests itself in a variety of ways. Recently I have found myself sexually depressed and, although it has been a challenge for me, it has taught me that sexual depression is a real thing. 

Here are 12 signs that you might be suffering from sexual depression:

  1. You don’t feel like masturbating
  2. The thought of foreplay with your mate sounds laborious to you
  3. You choose to wear worn out underwear when you have a drawer of fresh ones that are fun and sexy
  4. You think drinking red wine and smoking a joint is gonna fix things
  5. You wear the same bras on a regular basis; no variety whatsoever
  6. You don’t enjoy a nice bath and relax with your sexy body, you just take a quick shower and get it over with
  7. You don’t fully dry your sheets or make your bed on a regular basis cause who cares? You’re sleeping alone anyway so
  8. You buy new high heels and leave them in a box and shove them in the corner of your closet
  9. You think nostalgically reading your first erotic book (for me “Forever” by Judy Bloom) is going to help return your sex drive
  10. Walking by or seeing a hot guy or girl bores you
  11. You wonder if you forgot how to kiss
  12. You consider watching porn for the first time in your life in a desperate attempt to try something new, foreign, and different.

“An App To Diagnose Bipolar Mood Swings By How People Talk On The Phone”

By Erica Loberg

shutterstock_194353091Recently an article published at, a site that focuses on groundbreaking innovation, published an article entitled “An App To Diagnose Bipolar Mood Swings By How People Talk On The Phone.” It discusses a system that detects early signs of a bipolar patient slipping into a manic episode. After reading the article, I thought about how my voice on the phone during a manic episode, or during a depressive episode, would decipher whether or not I would reach out to my loved ones, or not. For me, when I was in a manic state I was more inclined to pick up the phone and ramble on and on about the on goings of my life.

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When where and why we get peeved

By Erica Loberg

shutterstock_210042937We’re human, and we can’t blame a mental illness on outbursts of rage, irritability, or anything else for that matter.

Here is a list of things that peeve me, and any other “normal” person with a mental illness:


  1. When people steal my toothpaste
  2. When I check my bag for my keys over and over
  3. When I have a fine point pen instead of a medium point pen.


  1. In a public bathroom
  2. In line waiting to board a plane
  3. In the company conference room.


  1. Why do some people not signal when changing lanes
  2. Why do I think about taking a trip to NYC and not book a ticket
  3. Why do I pluck my moustache instead of waxing it
  4. Why do I eat cheese every day…

When, where, and why are you peeved?

Waiting to board image available from Shutterstock.

15 Reasons Why Women Have Sex With Their Ex

By Erica Loberg

shutterstock_188213378A lot of us have been there. Breaking up is hard, and sometimes we lose sight of the reasons why we broke up to begin with.  Here is a list of 15 reasons women have sex with their Ex:

  1. Loneliness: You find it hard to be alone
  2. Nostalgia: You miss the good old days
  3. Arrogance: You look good, you’ve lost weight, look at me now!
  4. Revenge: Having sex to take revenge over a bad breakup makes you feel powerful
  5. Impulsivity: You don’t think through the ramifications of engaging in sex so act impulsive
  6. Closure: Your relationship didn’t end right and somehow you think one more roll in the sack will make things finalized
  7. Fear: You’ll never get a chance to have sex with him again
  8. Insecurity: You lack confidence in yourself so think sex will make you feel better
  9. Heightened sexuality: Your body physically yearns for sex
  10. Convenience: He lives close by which only makes it easy to slip
  11. Regret: You regret breaking up and think somehow sex is going to fix things and make things go back to normal
  12. Jealously: He starts seeing someone else and it makes you jealous enough to make you seek out sex
  13. Stupidity: You forget the reasons why you broke up and act stupid as a result
  14. Desperation: You are desperate for sex so do it without thinking it through
  15. Location: He’s in town from out of state and you’re only going to get a chance to see him once so why not do it one more time

Whatever reason it may be, don’t beat yourself up over it. It happened, you’re human, move on.

Couple in bed image available from Shutterstock.

Bill Maher on Depression Part II

By Erica Loberg

shutterstock_103803260As seen on the Charlie Rose show, here is an excerpt about depression worthy of attention and discussion:

Now, what I would like them to look in the future is, I don’t know what antidepressant drugs he was on, if any, but I’m guessing he was and I think people need to look into that because I think sometimes the drugs are what cause you to want to kill yourself. I mean they say it right in the commercial. This may wanna make you kill yourself. (Maher)

We all have seen those commercials. Usually the “may cause such and such” comes at the end and is spoken really fast. What does that say about the pharmaceutical drug companies? They have to include side effects for medications but if they have nothing to hide then why hear a list of side effects spoken in such a rapid fashion. I think Maher is spot on with his insight and observation and only hope more people take time to think about this reality and what he has to say on this matter. If some medications may make you want to kill yourself why would you take the risk and allow that potential side effect to occur?

Next time you watch a commerical on the side effects of a medication, keep what Maher has to say on this topic in mind.

Bill Maher image available from Shutterstock.

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