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Poem: The Worse Rejection

By Erica Loberg


He calls

Again another year

After years

Why are you still keeping me in
Your life

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Poem: Anxiety…

By Erica Loberg


Is an untamed beast

A dragon you can’t slay

A heartbeat that rips through your chest

A tired eyeball

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Poem: Seeing yourself outside of yourself

By Erica Loberg


Sometimes we actually do have a choice

Not to cry

And when that moment sits on the brink of your tearful blink

Stop. Take in a breath

And allow yourself to


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Poem: The Truth Behind Hollywood

By Erica Loberg

hollywoodSo you’re from LA
I see that look
Of disgust on your face
LA is for pussies
Sellouts who champion
Brittany Spears
And TMZ is a tidal wave for the
Smoked out surfers
At Sunset Beach
LA, Hell-A, Lalaland

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Poem: The Bipolar Plastic Eagle

By Erica Loberg


My Dad gave me this plastic eagle

It was a symbol of my struggles with Bipolar disorder

You can take the beak and pin it on a plastic tower

He showed me and said

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Poem: Men

By Erica Loberg

The more men

I come across

The more confusion

It seems.


Taking Medssss

By Erica Loberg


I took my mood stabilizer

My Zyrtec

My nasal spray

Fish oil pills…

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Poem: Your Face

By Erica Loberg

Outside your face

Is a face

From deep down


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Poem: Mere Rejection by Wellbutrin

By Erica Loberg

pillHe calls

Again another year

After years

Why are you still keeping in
your life?

Why do I let you in

Because I can see who

You are now

Yet still un-known

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Five Tips For What…? Yourself

By Erica Loberg

maplebarI don’t know how to say five tips to do this, or do that, or fix that which we don’t talk about.

If I were a tips person, I’d probably live a maple bar life.  I’d be able to go about my day with tips that make me feel better about myself, or at the very least, work on myself.

Tips or not, either way, what matters at the end of your maple bar day?  You work on yourself, your hardships, your dreams, your intensions, and hope by doing that, your tips are for yourself.

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