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September 1st Marks the Highest Rate of Japanese Suicides

Teenage Suicide

An article posted on cites the following:

“More Japanese school pupils commit suicide on September 1 each year than on any other date, according to figures collated by Japan's suicide prevention office over a period of more than 40 years.”

The article discussed bullying as well as other factors that contribute to this haunting statistic. It makes me wonder how different cultures have days of the year that mark the highest suicide rates. I bring...
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Coping Skills

The Cleanse & The Zit

The Zit. Do I kill it, do I keep it, why did I decide to go through a cleanse when I have social obligation on my calendar like dance class. Bright lights, mirrors, not good.

But I do feel good about the cleanse. It altered my frame of mind during the week and I came to realize that I shouldn’t continue to be an extremist, an all or nothing kind of person, cause this is what happens. Toxins...
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Bipolar II

Going to the Gynecologist

I canceled my gynecologist appointment today cause I felt the way I felt when I first had my mental break and seeked help. And it happened to be in the middle of my gynecologist appointment.


I don’t think there is ever one breakthrough moment. I do, however, think bits and bits of pieces, days, nights, weeks, months of living in hell do eventually catch up with you. For me, my...
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Coping Skills

The Experiment: The Final Frontier

I have come to the end of my experiment. I’ve decided that although I have had to deal with the side effects of not taking my antidepressant, it’s better than the side effects I endured while taking my medication. I’ve learned that side effects are a real thing and can amount to turmoil and personal dilemmas. And, depending on which particular side effects you experience, it is up to each individual to decide for themselves whether...
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Coping Skills

5 Texts Women Don’t Want to Get from a Guy

W is for the Woman, G is for the Guy
W: are you?

G: are you?

W: I’m busy too…

G: Cool.

(Cool you wanna sound cool or cause you don’t want to hear from me again or you’re actually busy.)
# 2
W: It was great seeing you

G: You too…hope you are well ;)

(Sounds like a blow off but the smiley face confuses me.)
W: What are you up to?

G: Working

W: Ah, ok…hope it goes well ;)

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Bipolar II

The Experiment

The experiment is beginning to rear its ugly depressed face. The experiment was to quit my antidepressant in an effort to lose weight I gained from the medication with the intention of going back on it when I was back to my normal size.

But I think it kind of blew up in my face. I’ve lost weight, which is good, but I feel the fallout of choosing my body over my mind in all this.

I am...
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Bipolar II

When You Make A Deal With Your Psychiatrist

I did it. I am done gaining weight on my antidepressant so made a deal with my psychiatrist. My psychiatrist thinks I am doing much better on my medication (which I agree) but I can't swallow the fat anymore so I proposed a compromise. The plan is to lose the weight, then go back on the medication, which I think is a great idea cause I actually feel better on it. So this deal makes my mission...
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