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Coping Skills

5 Texts Women Don’t Want to Get from a Guy

W is for the Woman, G is for the Guy
W: are you?

G: are you?

W: I’m busy too…

G: Cool.

(Cool you wanna sound cool or cause you don’t want to hear from me again or you’re actually busy.)
# 2
W: It was great seeing you

G: You too…hope you are well ;)

(Sounds like a blow off but the smiley face confuses me.)
W: What are you up too?

G: Working

W: Ah, ok…hope it goes well ;)

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Bipolar II

The Experiment

The experiment is beginning to rear its ugly depressed face. The experiment was to quit my antidepressant in an effort to lose weight I gained from the medication with the intention of going back on it when I was back to my normal size.

But I think it kind of blew up in my face. I’ve lost weight, which is good, but I feel the fallout of choosing my body over my mind in all this.

I am...
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Bipolar II

When You Make A Deal With Your Psychiatrist

I did it. I am done gaining weight on my antidepressant so made a deal with my psychiatrist. My psychiatrist thinks I am doing much better on my medication (which I agree) but I can't swallow the fat anymore so I proposed a compromise. The plan is to lose the weight, then go back on the medication, which I think is a great idea cause I actually feel better on it. So this deal makes my mission...
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Coping Skills

6 Things Not To Do When You Run Into Your EX

Don't sleep with him
Don't get all caught up in your head and lose your voice
Don't forget to breathe
Don't worry about your clothes
Don't think of all the things you want to say to him cause he's not going to get it anyway.
Don't let your set boundaries down, or loosen up your guard; you worked hard to get to the place you are now so show some pride, justice, and respect for the new you.

I've done all of...
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Coping Skills

Did you slip this Fourth of July?

I was walking to the market in my neighborhood yesterday and could swear I came across more smokers than usual walking along the street and puffing away. It was weird. It made me wonder if some people slipped over the Holiday, and broke their sobriety, or ate something on a list that was a no-no, or picked up a cigarette at a party and relapsed. Mind you this is prone to happen to anyone on any celebratory occasion....
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Bipolar II

When Medication Makes You Fat

Sometimes you just wake up fat one day. You don’t know how it happened. You don’t know where it came from. You’re just fat. So, I blame it on my medication and quit my anti-depressant today. My diet and work out regime is pretty steady so all I can really truly blame is my meds. And it makes me mad, sad and confused. The worst part is I really liked the medication. It makes me...
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The Anti-Black Sheep In Your Family

Most families have a black sheep that is talked about and oftentimes misunderstood. The black sheep in the family can be isolative, a recluse, might miss Thanksgiving or other family occasions but no on ever talks about the other sheep in the family:
The Anti-Black Sheep
Here are 3 things to look out for when you find an Anti-Black Sheep in your family:
Attention: The Anti-Black sheep needs constant attention. From a very young age...
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Bipolar II

Naked Not Private: A Hypo Manic Thing

I have no problem being naked, in fact, I feel freedom when I’m free from my clothes. Is that a symptom of chronic hypo mania? I just might be. Especially when you compare other behaviors that shape Bipolar II. You put yourself out there with no shame, especially during a manic episode, and often times as a result, you find yourself in compromising situations. Recently I thought about the times I was living in New York...
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Coping Skills

When Women Aren’t Getting Sex

The stereotype is that men want sex more so then women.  Not true. Rarely do you see a role reversal. When the guy doesn’t want to have any sex and the woman wants it, it’s a role reversal that most of our culture doesn’t talk about.

Here is a list of things women should not do if they want to have sex and find themselves in a relationship and aren't getting it:

Pretend: Don’t change your wardrobe. Don’t buy new...
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Bipolar II

Sexless In The City

I don’t have a boyfriend, the days of friends with privileges are over, I’m not into one night stands, so what am I supposed to do? I am in my late 30’s and my sex drive has escalated to the point where I find myself needing sex more so than ever before.  And the irony is my mood stabilizer and anti-depressant is supposed to lower my sex drive so I am very confused, lost, bewildered and...
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