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5 Texts Women Don’t Want to Get from a Guy

W is for the Woman, G is for the Guy
W: are you?

G: are you?

W: I’m busy too…

G: Cool.

(Cool you wanna sound cool or cause you don’t want to hear from me again or you’re actually busy.)
# 2
W: It was great seeing you

G: You too…hope you are well ;)

(Sounds like a blow off but the smiley face confuses me.)
W: What are you up too?

G: Working

W: Ah, ok…hope it goes well ;)

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Bipolar II

The Experiment

The experiment is beginning to rear its ugly depressed face. The experiment was to quit my antidepressant in an effort to lose weight I gained from the medication with the intention of going back on it when I was back to my normal size.

But I think it kind of blew up in my face. I’ve lost weight, which is good, but I feel the fallout of choosing my body over my mind in all this.

I am...
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Bipolar II

When You Make A Deal With Your Psychiatrist

I did it. I am done gaining weight on my antidepressant so made a deal with my psychiatrist. My psychiatrist thinks I am doing much better on my medication (which I agree) but I can't swallow the fat anymore so I proposed a compromise. The plan is to lose the weight, then go back on the medication, which I think is a great idea cause I actually feel better on it. So this deal makes my mission...
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Coping Skills

6 Things Not To Do When You Run Into Your EX

Don't sleep with him
Don't get all caught up in your head and lose your voice
Don't forget to breathe
Don't worry about your clothes
Don't think of all the things you want to say to him cause he's not going to get it anyway.
Don't let your set boundaries down, or loosen up your guard; you worked hard to get to the place you are now so show some pride, justice, and respect for the new you.

I've done all of...
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Coping Skills

Did you slip this Fourth of July?

I was walking to the market in my neighborhood yesterday and could swear I came across more smokers than usual walking along the street and puffing away. It was weird. It made me wonder if some people slipped over the Holiday, and broke their sobriety, or ate something on a list that was a no-no, or picked up a cigarette at a party and relapsed. Mind you this is prone to happen to anyone on any celebratory occasion....
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Coping Skills

When Women Aren’t Getting Sex

The stereotype is that men want sex more so then women.  Not true. Rarely do you see a role reversal. When the guy doesn’t want to have any sex and the woman wants it, it’s a role reversal that most of our culture doesn’t talk about.

Here is a list of things women should not do if they want to have sex and find themselves in a relationship and aren't getting it:

Pretend: Don’t change your wardrobe. Don’t buy new...
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Coping Skills

My Suicidal Cat

I do not have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) but, every day when I leave my apartment I walk down the hall toward the elevator and half way there I turn around, walk back, and check to make sure my windows are barely open. Why? Several years ago I decided to move to Downtown Los Angeles and had this dream of having one of those lofts with big open windows, high ceilings, exposed brick, and cement floors....
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Bipolar II

Tell a Story that Begins with a Random Note

One of my old friends gave me this book called “Writers Bock” over a decade ago. I’ve never experienced writers block but I randomly picked it up while cleaning my bookcase and opened to a page that said, “Tell a story that beings with a random note.”

Weird. Very weird cause yesterday I was cleaning out my desk and saw a random note that I forgot about. It was from my college crush that I reconnected with...
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Coping Skills

12 Quotes from Celebrities with Depression

Ryan Phillippe: “As you get older, I think it decreases some, but I'm just innately kind of a sad person.” (Elle Magazine 2015).
Jon Hamm: “I did do therapy and antidepressants for a brief period, which helped me.” (British Magazine Observer 2010).
Rowling’s: “It's so difficult to describe to someone who's never been there, because it's not sadness. But it's that cold absence of feeling -- that really hollowed-out feeling.” (Interview with Oprah Winfrey 2010).
Sheryl Crow:...
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Bipolar II

Understanding Long Term Depression

When it comes to bipolar disorder, oftentimes people think of a pendulum that goes back and forth and back and forth on an equal playing field. People may think the ebb and flow of living with manic depression is equal. It’s not. Some of us experience months of depression that we try to fight our way out of, but sometimes there is a long term depression that can last a year, or more.
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