Bipolar II has a mean symptom that can be a challenge for you, and your loved ones: Irritability.  The lightening of fierce anger can happen at any moment, sometimes over ridiculous things, which can make it hard to navigate through life.  Finding ways to manage it can be tough, but it is doable. 

When you feel the irritability take over, it’s important to talk yourself down.  Here are some tools to help treat your irritability.

  1. Breathe – Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  The emotion will pass, so acknowledge your feeling, know that it is temporary, and breathe your way to a calmer state.  
  2. Work Out – There’s an old saying, “Sound body, sound mind.”  Exercising can help your body, and your mind, manage your level of irritability.
  3. Keep a Journal – Often times your irritability will appear out of nowhere, so, it is important to track your feelings.  Write down what set you off.  See if there is a pattern so you can avoid situations that may feed into your petulance.
  4. Forgive Yourself – When we lose control of our emotions, it can result in feelings of shame, or annoyance.  Working on managing your emotions means allowing yourself to fail. It’s okay if you lose it sometimes, just be mindful of your mental state, and take steps to work toward beating a symptom of your mood disorder, and know that you are in charge.
  5. Talk to your loved ones – Communicating with your friends and family about this particular symptom of a Bipolar II helps educate and connect with your support group.  Remember, your loved ones are managing your moods as well, so it’s important to verbalize your feelings and provide a dialogue for support and success. 

We all have our moments.  But, they are just moments that are opportunities for you to learn about your mental state, and conquor it.



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