closed door meetings about gun controlRecently I’ve wondered what kind of discussions are going on behind closed doors at the White House, in Congress, and the Senate, with regards to the shooting that happened in Connecticut.

Once again, how it is possible to focus on gun control when the root of the problem of shooters in our past, and of late, is mental illness? 

Like most things in life, it probably comes down to one thing: MONEY

How much money would it take to educate the American people on mental illness? 

What steps would be necessary to pursue education and provide better mental health care programs and treatment for those that suffer from a mental illness?

I imagine a closed door discussion on mental health awareness going as follows:

“We can’t afford to put mental health on the table when discussing the shooting because we don’t have the funds to start addressing this matter.”

“Yeah, you’re right.  Besides, most people are either clueless to mental health issues or scared so if we start talking about it we might find questions with no answers or solutions.”

“Yeah, that’s a can of worms we do NOT want to open with the public.  Once we change the tables from gun control to mental health awareness we’re biting off something we can’t swallow.”


“Cause it comes down to money.  And we are the government.  We find ways to sway the media and the public to fit our financial needs.  We can’t afford to make mental health illness an issue with regards to shootings cause then we might find ourselves in a situation where we our backs are against the wall and HAVE to do something.  We’ll have to allocate monies to address this issue and I wouldn’t even know where to start.”

“Let’s stick to gun control. We have plenty of organizations like the NRA to duke it out and handle this debacle.  So, if mental health awareness comes up, and people start to make comments on the obvious history of the connection of mental illness to shootings, immediately shut them up.  Redirect their conversation to guns.  GUNS GUNS GUNS!!”

“Ok. Meeting is adjourned.  Wait, we never had this meeting GOT IT!”

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    Last reviewed: 3 Jan 2013

APA Reference
Loberg, E. (2013). Connecticut Shooting: A Closed Door Meeting on Mental Health Awareness. Psych Central. Retrieved on March 31, 2015, from


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