yo yo dietI don’t know why I even try to manage my weight when I am a walking, life-size human yo-yo.

Weight is a challenge for all people, everywhere.  I fundamentally believe we live in a nation obsessed with weight.  We can’t go anywhere, do anything, or watch anything without food, fat, diet, exercise, or weight management busting up all over our face.

I did an experiment where I wrote down from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed how many times something weight related crossed my mind.  Here goes…

Shit, my jeans are tight, I’ll skip breakfast…

What should I have for lunch…?

I sit down on the toilet…damn my roll of fat looks pretty large today…

Gotta make that class tonight at the gym…

My sister’s getting married this weekend so dinner is out of the question…


And all this happened inside my head in the first two hours of my day.  For two solid hours my brain already has taken up energy strictly thinking about weight.

Two words: Not Good.

Bipolar mind, bipolar body.  I get fat, freak and then diet, get thin, relax and eat, shit I’m fat again so I diet and my weight goes up down up down up down.  I’m a bipolar yo-yo.

But, I haven’t completely given up on freeing myself from my bipolar mind when it comes to weight.  I merely try to accept it like I accept my disease.  I’m not saying being bipolar makes someone fat then thin then fat than thin, it merely mirrors your state of mind when you go from extreme to extreme.  Of course, your body is going to manifest the mind, and heck yeah mine sure does.

And it DOESN’T HELP, WORLD, when we continue to have a cultural dialogue that might as well be diagnosed with obsessive behavior ’cause we can’t seem to stop talking about weight.

Do an experiment.  Next time anything related to weight or food or fat crosses your mind, redirect it with something else.  Think of something totally off the subject and maybe your mind will take that energy or space and fill it with something else, slowly freeing you from thinking about weight — and THAT will allow your body to find its natural weight.

Once we stop obsessively talking about weight as a nation, I guarantee the weight problem of America will slowly fade away…

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