I refer to my 20’s as the Roaring 20’s cause for the majority of it, I was living in New York in a hypomanic state which looking back was pretty wild. However, sometimes I miss that time. I was hyper social and alive and...
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Was Prince Bipolar?

I am willing to bet that once the information surrounding Prince’s death is revealed, it will be said that he had an addiction to prescriptive drugs, which I believed may have started by treating his epilepsy that he suffered from as a child.

I take a mood stabilizer, Lamictal, which is often used to treat hypo mania as well as seizures. I do not suffer from epilepsy but I am Bipolar II. That drug has worked wonders...
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How Lack of Confidence Leads to Incompetence

Life has been trying for me this past month. I lost a loved one. I had a falling out with a close friend. I started a new job and am trying to find my way.

When you put all three challenges together, I find myself slowly lacking confidence, which has resulted in incompetence.

I find simple tasks to be difficult. Like stupid tasks. I send an email and write the wrong date....
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Bipolar I

FOX TV Show “Empire” & Bipolar Disorder

A recent television episode of “Empire” that aired on FOX Networks had an interesting exchange between a father and his son who was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder as an adult. The father showed the son his latest music video, which was inspired by real life events he experienced as a child. The father’s mother was mentally ill and shot herself in front of him. The son watched the video and here’s what unfolded:

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Bipolar II

Stage One: Denial & Isolation Part II

Well, it has officially been a month since my loved one passed, and I am still in the denial phase. In fact, when I get condolence phone calls from people, or emails, or texts, they cry or show such emotion that I’m like okayyyy. Where is my sad face? I am back at work doing my routine. Weird.

I even walked through my loved ones house and felt fine. I saw pictures of us together, and...
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Stage One: Denial and Isolation

I lost a loved one recently and looked into the five stages of mourning:

Denial and Isolation

#1: Denial and Isolation

So I have started the denial and isolation phase, and guess what, it’s true! Great! I don’t have to feel anything. Shock and disbelief are my...
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What does loyalty mean to you?

Loyalty is a strange thing. It is rare. It is unspoken. It is something that you can’t necessary write about, because it is action driven.

I’m getting older. People are dying. And I hate the fact that people step up to the plate of friendship, or otherwise, when someone is dying in a hospital bed. What about the last two weeks, the last ten years? Why do you have to be near death to find your mere...
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Bipolar II

10 Actualities of Living with Bipolar II Without Medication

Sleep: You better get ready for your eyeballs to burn cause my might not sleep for days at a time, or take hours to fall asleep, or not be able to sleep throughout the entire night.
Hyper sexuality: Hope you have a giant box of condoms on hand cause you’re gonna need it.
Extremity: You are going to do everything to the max so fasten your seatbelt.
Speech: Get ready for your loved ones to ask...
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