This or That: The psychiatrist meets the therapist

By Erica Loberg • 1 min read

mentalking240I should have known it was coming. My psychiatrist recommended me the therapist I’m working with which has been an amazing experience. I tend to tell more to my therapist then my psychiatrist which is stupid, and weird, cause one is prescribing my medication while the other one is… I’m still new to therapy so won’t say something that doesn’t speak to its worth. It is worth a lot.

“If it is alright with you I’d like to speak to Dr. X.” He handed me release papers.

“What are you going to talk about?”

“Nothing you mentioned that you don’t want me to talk about.” I already said there were subjects I was not willing to discuss with my psychiatrist, which I will not divulge here, but he respectfully acknowledged my sensitively to it, and knew those subjects were off limits.

“Ok. Great.” I signed the paper. 

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14 Of My Bad Habits: Write About Your Worse Habits

By Erica Loberg • 1 min read

cheese240As a creature of habit, I know I have a routine that has its rotten apples. Despite our differences, and illnesses, we all have our vices or habits we hate but engage in regardless.

Here is a list of my 14 worse habits as a hypo manic person:

  1. I fake phone calls when I walk by someone that I don’t want to talk to
  2. I interrupt people all the time, and know it, but still do it
  3. I overdue everything in my life from eating, to working out, to emotional outbursts
  4. I eat cheese, every day, and every meal
  5. I don’t like being tied down so don’t wear a watch and prefer to be naked most of the time
  6. I listen to music so loud to match my brain that I’m sure the neighbors hear it but, are too kind to complain
  7. I check my points of departure I like to call it: Do I have an anklebone? A collar bone” A wrist bone” Am I still skinny? Pathetic habit, but true.
  8. I sprinkle salt on my salad
  9. I graze the buffet at Whole Foods instead of buying it
  10. I pretend I don’t bite my nails
  11. I feel a surge of anger when I put my shoes down and the right falls on the left and the left falls on the right
  12. I don’t honk enough when some jerk scribbles outside the car lanes
  13. I pluck my moustache in pain versus getting it all done in one threading
  14. “I bite the heads off of live chickens in the middle of the night.” Ren aka Kevin Bacon (I watch the movie Footloose way too much and listen to the Top Gun soundtrack when I work out all the time.)

Ok… not so bad but…. what are your bad habits?

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House abortion bill switch reveals clout of GOP moderates

By Erica Loberg • Less than a min read


That’s what the headline says on the LA Times today. It’s not even a real sentence.

House abortion bill switch reveals clout of GOP moderates.

Now lets take a look at the title:

House abortion bill (what, I thought it was legal and done with.)

Switch reveals clout (Most people don’t know the meaning of the word “clout” or more importantly, how it applies to his conversation. What is the switch?)

Where was the beginning before the switch? So… I guess didn’t know that the House was still talking about abortion.

“Reveals clout of GOP moderates”

You expect people know the acronymic GOP and who the “moderates” are to begin with?

So, where does that leave things.

We live in a culture where spoon feed kids are supposed to know what GOP means by kindergarten and moderates still don’t know what the term moderate means, let alone others. And abortion? Still in the bill? Really?

Find a way to speak straight.

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Side Effects & My Sex Drive

By Erica Loberg • 1 min read

womanonbed240I always said that once I get said effects from any medication I am done. Off. Out. Period. The three top side effects I refuse to live with are: weight gain, a tremor, and a loss of sex drive. But, for the first time in the decade that I’ve been on different meds with an array of side effects, I am letting the lack of a sex drive go. Why? Weird.

To be honest, I didn’t even realize that my sex drive had diminished until I was cleaning up my apartment and found my vibrator under my bed. And I asked myself, “When is the last time I used that?!” For weeks masturbation never even crossed my mind. I chalked it up to the fact that I had no man in my life or steady relationship, I have sworn off dating for a while, and one night stands are not my thing, so somehow I managed to forget that my sex drive was gone.

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Rob Kardashian & Depression

By Erica Loberg • 2 min read

bedroomwindow240“I’ve been the unhappiest person for about a year and a half.”

(Season 9: Rob Kardashian)

Keeping Up with the Kardashians has been on the air for years now. Whether you love them or hate them, most people have an opinion about them, and at the very least, know who they are. I will admit, I’ve watched some episodes and have witnessed Rob Kardashian (the youngest member of the family) undergo depression.

There was one particular episode when the Mom, Kris, spoke to Rob about getting help. She asked him to seek therapy, which he immediately rejected. He claimed there was nothing wrong with him yet, he spends his days sleeping, watching TV, and playing video games, while ordering junk food. From the beginning of the season to now, he managed to gain up to 60 pounds and has fallen off the family bandwagon. Over the arch of the series he went from being social to skipping out on family vacations, and refusing to share in the families daily activities but opting to be a recluse in his bedroom.

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Sweating the Big Stuff: 10 Things to consider when you find yourself in a sweat

By Erica Loberg • 1 min read


Most of us have heard the saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Rarely do we hear “Don’t sweat the big stuff”; it sounds like an oxymoron. I locked myself out of my apartment today. I was either going to call the building manager, or deal with it when I got home from work. Knowing that, I knew I would spend the day on and off thinking about the fact I didn’t have access to my place. Now is that big stuff, or small stuff?

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Being Social: In-Q

By Erica Loberg • 1 min read

audienceI was given a ticket for a live poetry show for Christmas. It was a gift. It was s ticket with a price tag on it so, I had to go. I don’t recall the last time I went to a social event where I went to will call, got my ticket, took my seat, and found myself surrounded by people; people from all walks of life.

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Is Your Bedroom Depressed?

By Erica Loberg • 1 min read

bedroom window                          

I live in a loft in Downtown Los Angeles. It has three large windows facing East where the sun rises in the early AM hours. As I fry in the early morning hours, I am forced to get up. I can’t relax in bed and “sleep in.” Recently I bought some curtains at Bed Bath and Beyond and hung them outside the window in my bedroom. It has impacted my life.

Since I hung the curtains I find myself participating in my depressed. I can stay in bed longer and hide from the sun. I welcome the darkness, and a break from the sun, yet, I know the curtains play a fundamental part in my darkness. I am not forced to get up. I don’t fry like a Vampire in the morning anymore, and I don’t open them when I wake up and actually get up. I leave them covering my window and darkening my bedroom all day, and all night.

I thought the curtains would help me with my insomnia. Insomnia is riddled with anxiety. The curtains have played into this anxiety.

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It’s Hard to Go to Your Psychiatrist

By Erica Loberg • 1 min read

shutterstock_130134740It’s a hard thing, for me, to go to my psychiatrist. I know it’s coming on the calendar, and I dread it. I actually forget the date and have to call my psychiatrist and leave a message:

“Hey Dr. I think my appointment is on Thursday the 15th….at 2:30? If i’m wrong call me back, otherwise I’ll be there at that date and time.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left that message. I have a memory. I don’t forget my dentist appointment in three months. I don’t forget where I parked. I don’t forget long or short-term things, yet, I always manage to forget my appointment. And I’m straight up with my Doctor:

“I do not want to be here. Nothing personal, just don’t want to be here.”

It’s a lot of pressure to squeeze your mind into one session. Figure out what drugs work, or not. Figure out how you feel about yourself, your place, your job, your relationships, your family, your life. It’s a lot. Maybe that’s part of it. The feeling that I have to make sure I give up all the information I can to better my mental health; to better help my Doctor determine what’s best for me. It’s a lot of pressure.

But I do. And I feel better afterwards when I walk down the stairs out of the building. It’s a weird sensation.

You walk in terrible, and walk out better. But the next time I go through it all over again. I forget the time and day, I dread the drive there, I hate the sitting down and now spill it all out in a finite amount of time and hope that you say the right thing. Cause you can say anything. Maybe that’s the bizarre challenge.

It’s hard to go to your psychiatrist.

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4 Tips to Help Manage Insomnia

By Erica Loberg • 1 min read

Insomnia has always hovered over my bed, especially when I am on an antidepressant. Although it’s supposed to help me work through an episode of depression, some medications affect my sleep. Since my medication has kicked in, I’ve been struggling with sleep in the past several weeks. I am caught between doing off my antidepressant to help reclaim my sleep, or just deal with it for now and when my depression no longer requires a medication I can look forward to a more regular sleep pattern. In the meantime, here are some things I’ve done to try and better manage my insomnia.

  1. Anger: Waking up periodically throughout the night and knowing it is going to take time to fall back asleep makes me very angry. That anger only exacerbates the problem so when I feel the irritability taking hold I recognize it, accept it, and do my best to let it go.
  2. Routine: Keeping a bedtime routine is crucial to curbing insomnia. I impose a rigorous routine on myself during the workweek that I stick to no matter what comes up. If a friend calls and wants to get together for a drink after work? No. I have to be in bed by 8 pm cause I know I will be up periodically throughout the night so have to anticipate that fact and prepare accordingly.
  3. Movement: People say if you find yourself in bed awake you should get up and do something else. Read a book, watch TV, something. I haven’t really done any of that that cause I’m that afraid filling insomnia with another task isn’t going to exhaust me. I fear it will keep me up so I’ve ditched that one.
  4. Bathroom Breaks: Most people get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. That is a problem for my insomnia cause if I have to go, there you go, you’re up again, so good luck getting back asleep anytime soon. Maybe it’s not the healthiest thing but I try to not drink any beverages late in the night. An empty bladder only lessens my chances for insomnia so if I can get through the night without a bathroom break it helps.

People that suffer from insomnia manage it the best way they can. If you have any tips for how you handle insomnia please share with your other sleepless colleagues.

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