Need to Generate Another Big Idea? Try Daydreaming!

Having trouble trying to generate the next big idea? Are you facing writer's block or some other form of stifled creativity? Sometimes the answer isn't to just force an idea out of your mind. Instead, you might want to try sitting back, relaxing, and letting your mind wander.

Yes, you heard that correctly. If you are in need of a new idea, try daydreaming.

When you are under pressure to come up with a new and radical...
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10 Simple Strategies for Building Relationships That Last

Relationships can be tricky. If you're not vigilant, small issues can accumulate, leading to explosive events that irreparably damage the relationship. Good relationships take constant work.

If you're in a relationship with someone you truly love, you need to know how to make your bond last over the long run. Here are some strategies you can employ to make your relationships more fulfilling and robust.

1. Be honest.

Honesty is one of the most crucial aspects...
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Stop Believing that Self-Care is Selfish

By and large, our society does not look fondly upon introspection. In many ways we are encouraged to identify with our social identities first and foremost. This includes our commitments to family and friends, our public responsibilities, and social mores in general.

When we make any kind of effort to turn inward and nurture ourselves – to uncover our own sense of truth as distinct from society’s concept of truth – we are often given the...
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Better to Be Ignored for Who You Are than Admired for Who You’re Not

When we don’t hold to our own truth it creates divisions on our lives. We’re obliged to adopt masks, to play different roles for different people in our lives. Many people put on masks for the sake of popularity.

This has become especially easy in the online world, where one can create a pseudonym and an invented avatar to go with it and then proceed to play out any kind of fantasy that one desires.

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5 Tips for Introverts at Bars, Parties and Social Events

Are you an introvert? Do you find it difficult to go to social gatherings, parties, bars, or “people centered” events? If so, you are not alone. Lots of people describe themselves as introverted, which is a 25-cent term to describe an individual who prefers spending time alone or in small groups.

If that sounds like you, there’s a good chance that going out with friends to bars, parties or other social events causes you a...
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10 Simple Steps for Mindful Eating

Have you ever eaten a meal and then realized you never tasted it? If you nuked it in a microwave from a cardboard box, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. However, if it’s a real meal that you or someone else has prepared, you might be missing out on something good!

Eating mindfully means that you give yourself the opportunity to truly taste food and become satiated physically, emotionally and psychologically.

One reason many of us...
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10 Things That Make Anxiety Worse You Can’t Ignore!

When your feelings of anxiety become intense, it's only natural to want to rid them from your system as quickly as possible. This is particularly true if your anxious thoughts are making it impossible to attend to activities of daily living; such as focusing on work or family. Heck, anxiety can even interfere with your ability to talk coherently.

If you struggle with an anxiety disorder, you likely know that intense feelings...
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7 Simple Ways to Be Kind To Yourself

It’s ridiculous how we push ourselves. Always running to the next appointment on our calendar and scheduling activities for the benefit of others.

Over the course of time, your productivity starts to dip along with your mood. As resentment builds up and your energy drains, you look in the mirror and think to yourself: Why am I doing all this?

I recently wrote about the power of...
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5 Powerful Ways Kindness Makes You Happier and Healthier!

It’s fair to say that most of us have been taught that kindness is a virtue. In the karmic sense, kindness certainly has been thought of as a means to attract positive energy.

But is there any scientific evidence to suggest that the act of being kind towards others can make you happier and healthier?

It turns out the answer is yes!

What is Kindness?

In plain speak kindness is the warmhearted approach to showing love or...
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