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Considering Heaven

Becoming aware of one's mortality really sucks. I'm 47 (shun the term "late 40's") and over the last few years, the inevitable has happened.
The "It'll never happen to me" way of living your life quietly morphs into a more realistic way of living and so, naturally, I've given more thought to things like the afterlife -- or rather, heaven. I've become more curious.
I long to have a complete and thorough confidence in heaven and the peace that that brings.
Today, I finished the book
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Postcards From The Treadmill (and other musings from a fitness novice)

As I eluded to in my entry And Who Said Working Out Can't Be Fun?, the journey to embrace fitness, or something that vaguely resembles it anyway, began with a bit of a bumpy start. Well, I'm happy to report to you that I'm still at it and it has indeed gotten a bit easier.

Like we've all heard and/or experienced for ourselves before, once the momentum gets going, you do miss your workout if you skip a day.  Not that I haven't prayed for the flu virus here and there but overall, I'm fairly motivated.

I've learned a few things in the last few of weeks that in hopes of helping mankind, are listed here:
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