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Keep On Choosing The Wrong Lovers?

Thursday, March 8th, 2012




A wise therapist, many years ago said to me: “Well, it’s quite simple Leslie. Your picker is broken. Your antenna isn’t working.”

OK, I’ll bite.

I paid $100 to the  nice lady with the PhD then spent the next 20 + years trying to fix my damn Picker.

And here I am now, on Psych Central, asking my kindred spirits WHY, oh why do we keep choosing partners that are not healthy/not a great match/ or downright toxic…you can fill in your very own blank here…. _______________________ for us?

This question both frustrates me and makes me laugh out loud at the same time!  And though each of our answers are as unique and personal as snowflakes, I believe the answer is right in front of each of us. It’s the solution that’s the buzz kill.


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