Today I was at an adoption event and a lovely woman that I've met just a few times, turned to me, somehow recognized my emotion, though I thought I was unbelievably opaque about it, and said  "uh oh. Sloth!" I've felt unusually emotional lately, even by my measure, and I just haven't known what to write about. I often feel that if I can't make people laugh, I'm not putting up the blog. But in a blinding ah ha moment in the cab just now, I realized this is important and I suspect very common. Did you see  Kristen Bell on the Ellen Show ? Kristen told a story of how on her birthday, her boyfriend surprised her with a Sloth.  Yes, I mean it, a real honest to goodness Sloth (and who says celebrities are different than the rest of us?). Forget the thoughtful and slow moving creature for a moment. The real story here isn't about the animal, unless like me, you find them kinda cute, no, it was about how often she cries. Trust me, you have to see this video to appreciate it.
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