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My Cruising Altitude Bucket List

Because I have been forced into the anxious flyer category, now, while in the friendly skies, I have more epiphanies, more moments of clarity, more wine and  now, more plans about what to do with my life If I make it back down to the ground after lift off, then on up to 10,000 feet, I've decided to create a bucket list and my bucket will be embossed with the words "Leslie's Why Not Bucket?

Don’t laugh or roll your eyes now…here are a few things that have have been tossed down deep in that bucket…
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No Virginia, There Isn’t Such A Thing As A Perfect Holiday

Here are your directives Virginia:
Halloween BOO! Next, hurry up and be way grateful while your hand is stuck up in some poor unsuspecting turkey, then on your mark, get set, GO! 12:01 am black Friday and shop, shop, shop, while you had better hark hear the angels while you deck your halls while you roast your chestnuts on the damn open fire…now, go shop the after sales for a sparkly LBD that most certainly isn't the size 6 you had hoped to get into for the big why-is-there-nobody-for-me-to-kiss-at-midnight New Year party! …and then there is the hangover and the dreaded black eyed pea.
Got it? Good.
This morning, I opened up some boxes in my closet marked “Crafts.” Mixed in with the hot glue sticks and ribbon, was a memory. A memory of when I actually hand made holiday t-shirts and ornaments for the tree. And that was just pre-Christmas! Under the tree, each woman in my family delighted (or at least I think they did!)  in unwrapping a box holding handmade earrings and pins. Now I’m lucky to make my cards and get them in the mail.  Fine. I don’t do cards and haven’t in a couple of years.
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