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Here We Go Again…Serendipity

Yahoo defines Serendipity as  The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident. I define it as receiving gifts, not sought after. It catches me off guard - sometimes it shows up right in front of me practically screaming to be noticed. But  if I quiet myself - stop the chatter - I discover that it whispers to me, all of the time. On the way to a party this weekend, I got lost (gotta love that GPS as she exclaims "Recalculating!" 73 times)... While I was listening to the Garmin tell me what an idiot I was, I was doing my usual scan of the radio channels.  During the scan of stations, in the 15 or so seconds it stays on the channel before moving along to the next, I heard the following lyric in a song: I hold his hand in the back of my mind. Hastily, I yanked a napkin from the glove box and on my steering wheel, scribbled the words down. I did it because it defines, with absolute perfection, my feelings at the moment.
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To Trust or Not To Trust? That’s The Question Of The Day

My posts are usually not so serious, but I'm told by my editor and other writers here to be real for you so, real you get. Today, my heart was broken. Not so terribly broken - not the kind where your heart physically hurts. Just an ache accompanied by tears from sun up to sun down and even as I write this post to you. If I could only master the art of knowing when Is It Safe To Trust.
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