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On “Adult” Websites

Yup, you heard it right...Adult Websites. I have 2 friends who have been members of probably the most popular (and respected?) website where adults meet other adults who are seeking fun and well, umm, sex. And a preemptive apology goes out to my Dad who I pray, is not reading this blog entry! Dad, I “joined” just for the blog, I promise! Being the professional writer I like to fancy myself as,  I was compelled to join the website for a month in the name of research (Images of John Levitz…”Yeah, that’s the ticket” come to mind). But seriously guys, here’s the deal…
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What “Soft” Bipolar Looks Like

It's been over a year since I wrote this piece for PC and I've received some requests of late so here you go! I hope that it is helpful to you. I’m here to share a little about my own experiences with what’s often called “Soft Bi-Polar” or Soft Signs of Bi-polar. Like so many illnesses, there’s a broad spectrum on which to be positioned…. from having soft signs (a “little bipolar” or what I liken to being a little pregnant) to suffering in its extreme on the far opposite end. I have more than an abundance of compassion for people who suffer. While I cannot feel what they feel, my heart hurts for those who suffer in a larger capacity. I was diagnosed in 2007 and I fought it. I thought my doctor and therapist were out of their minds (irony not lost here) and I was ashamed…very, very ashamed. Truth be told, as much of an advocate as I am – a voice… as “strong” as those who love me say I am,  I still wrestle with shame to this day.
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