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Open The Mics!

I can’t do it. I can’t do it anymore! If I have to see even one more political ad, I think I will melt down. Don’t get me wrong, it ‘s not that I don’t care about our state, our country, it’s just that I don’t care who stomped on whose head (and that’s a flash from my very own home town, thank you very much), who hired a nanny without proper papers, or who wants to do away with casino slot cards for welfare recipients. No, no, no! I’m far more interested in the sound bites from politicians who forgot that they had microphones on.
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Coming Undone

I play the lead role  in my life. I can't find my trailer or hair and makeup people but in the lead role I am. I am the hero of my life and  am solely responsible for the care and feeding of Leslie. However, there are times I don’t want the lead role – I don’t want the responsibility – I don’t want to think about, let alone solve, my own problems or prop my own self up. There are times when I am tapped out and I just I can’t.
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Road Rage VS Serendipity

I’m in the car (and trust me, Boston is brutal) dying to tell the guy next to me what I think he is… I am possessed by a person I don’t recognize…this person feels she is the only one on the road who knows how to drive – and in a split second can open her mouth and a stream of profanity comes out – but really, is seems she is the only one who mouths “Thank you” and waves in the rear view mirror after being let in…the only one with southern manners. And there I sit. Still. Positioned just perfectly in the middle of a major intersection, a red light dangling above my head. This is my biggest fear and it happened Saturday.
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